Fashion Lesson #26: 5 Savvy Shopping Tips to Save Money

Thursday, I wrote about my positive experience at Marshall’s and the money I saved on a Tignanello purse which sold at Macy’s for a much higher price.

Today, I want to share with you five money saving secrets to help you get the most out of your next shopping trip.

Scour Outlet and Discount Stores

When times are good, we tend to shop at stores that make us feel pampered, rather than at stores that require a little work.

Check out discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls.  It may require a little digging and some extra patience, but the savings can be dramatic.

Often, extra stock of the same merchandise that you can find at department stores, is sold to such retailers.  That means significant savings to you.

Get Back to Basics

Now is not the time to be ultra trendy.  Ultimately, you want basics that you can wear all four seasons.  If that isn’t possible, try to choose garments that will still be fashion forward next year.  The point is to not only save money in the short term, but for the duration of a possibly lengthy economic downturn.

  • Look for mid-rise waistlines.  Super high or low rise pants are more likely to go out of style faster than their mid-rise counterparts.
  • A fantastic fitting white shirt and a classic trench coat with a detachable cold weather liner will last you for many years to come.
  • Buy trendy accessories from stores like Forever 21 or H&M.  The life span of the product is usually as long as the trend.

Ask About Discounts

Did you know that if you are a teacher, you can get an added discount at Ann Taylor Loft through their “Loft Loves Teachers Program“? 

Ann Taylor also has their “Taylored For Success” program.  Once you fill out your profile, you will be notified of exclusive sales and you may also sign up for special in-store events for your company or colleagues.

It’s worth it to ask the clerk at your favorite store, on your next shopping trip.

Price Shop

Be sure to surf the web and price shop your planned purchase before going to a brick-and-mortar store.

I was shopping for a client, and discovered the pair of shoes she wanted, were actually cheaper at Macy’s on line, than at the store.  I printed the page off, and presented it to my sales person and they honored the on line price.  Not all stores will do this, but it’s something to consider.

Some great sites to compare prices are ShopzillaBiz Rate, NexTag and MySimon.

At PriceGrabber, you can load in your covetable wish list of items and the site will notify you when the product hits your targeted price range.

Always Keep Your Receipt!

I have a serious mantra at my house that the tags never come off until you are ready to wear it.  My husband teases me that even then it’s debatable.

Many stores have a price adjustment policy if your purchase goes on sale during a specific period, (usually 14 days).

Do you remember my Gap post awhile ago?  I saved over $70 on that purchase.  It may take a little leg work, but the money adds up.

To make your life easy, sites like Price Protectr will notify you if your purchase goes on sale.  It’s free to sign up and they participate with 148 stores.

If you have any price saving tips, please be sure to share them with us.  Leave a comment!

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