Fashion Sensei and Marshalls Want To Make You a Winner!

The one good thing about this recession, is that the notion of being frugal is fashionable again.

That doesn’t mean however, that you have to give up your fashion forward preferences, you just have to shop smarter.

This past Saturday I stopped in to Marshall’s Shoe Mega Shop, to look for a pair of brown shoes and was really impressed by what I found.

I saw adorable booties, sky high heels and sensible, but fashionable flat boots.  It was really difficult to stay focused on my brown flats mission.


Check out these plaid oxford pumps below.  If you frequent this column, you know how much I love the oxford trend this season.  Further, I believe that oxford style shoes will be a lasting trend into next year.  There were plenty of oxford styles stomp’n it out down the runway at the Spring 2009 shows.

Wouldn’t these look great with a suit or trousers?

ladiesheels208 copy

You Won’t Be Able to Leave With Just What’s on Your List!

Last Thursday I made a rash decision to buy two handbags at the Macy’s sale, that were cute, but not the brown purse that I really needed.

While I was at Marshalls on Saturday after shopping for shoes, I decided to see if they had a purse that would fit the bill.

To my delight, I found a beautiful Tignanello purse that I love!

I promptly took the other two bags back to Macy’s and discovered the same bag that I bought at Marshalls for $44.99 was on sale at Macy’s for over $60.  (The regular price is $89.)  What a deal!

My advice is to go to Marshalls first for the same fashion forward options that you would have at the mall for much less.

Get Ready to Win!

Are you ready for the great news?

Marshalls is offering a $50 gift card to one lucky winner!SimonLisa-107 copy

Here’s how to get in on the action.  Leave a comment below about why you need a new pair of shoes and your favorite fall trend.

The winner will be chosen at random on 11/13/08 from all those who comment.

Sorry, Only US residents are eligible.  Sweepstakes ends 11/12/08, 11:59am EST.


As an added bonus Marshalls is also offering you an opportunity to win a $250 gift card when you play MEET YOUR MATCH.

Click on the logo below for your chance to play.  Good Luck!


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12 responses to “Fashion Sensei and Marshalls Want To Make You a Winner!

  1. Heaven knows I need a new pair of shoes for this fall!!! Specifically I’m looking for a pair of black pumps to wear with my business trousers and the Oxfords fit the bill to the tee. I love how they’re “different” yet still professional and yes, stylish!!! My current pumps are so classic and boring and yes, worn. I seriously need something new!

  2. ok T, You know why I need a great new pair of shoes, specifically those awesome oxfords pictured above, because I am a MOM TO A CRAZY BUNCH OF MONKEYS!!!
    My favorite fall trend…um…um…uh…how embarrassing! I did I ever get HERE?? LOL!

  3. Betsy Vande Kerkhoff

    Hey, I need a new pair of fashionable flat shoes that are comfortable but cute! I would love to get a wedge too!

    My favoriate fall trend is the long sweater you can wear like a jacket.

  4. courtneyjonesphotography

    OOOHH I would love to win!
    I love the oxfords that are in right now….

  5. veggiemamma

    I Looooove shoes. My piggies need a new treat!!

  6. Donna

    Shoes?! You mean they change styles every season? I’m (apparently) NOT quite hip anymore! I do, however, need a very cute pair of shoes to wear with my little black dress to my hubby’s 25 year class reunion on Thanksgiving weekend! The styles above are ADORABLE, but I’m thinking of something really dressy . . .

  7. Lori

    Hey T-
    I could always use a new pair of shoes!! Especially with a $50 gift card! Do they sell shoes that go with sweat pants there?? Ha Ha!!

  8. Stacy Gutow

    Momma needs a new pair of shoes! Tall black boots would be nice. The pair I have are clearly out of style. My favorite fall trend…patent leather and spectator shoes.

  9. Amy

    I am looking for shoes that not only make me look 3 inches taller but 10 pounds lighter and 1-1 1/2 bra cup sizes bigger. Preferable on sale.

  10. Gail Peck

    Marshall shoe shop rules! What I love most about the fall fashion season is the frugal trend–something expensive with a discount find. I purchased a dress for my sons upcoming wedding from Last Call originally priced at $979–I got it for a little over $200. The wrap is from Ross–a real steal at $10.

  11. Lori

    Have I won the gift certificate yet??

  12. The contest ends tonight. You will have to check back tomorrow.

    But I like your enthusiasm! 🙂

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