Brrrr!! Winter Coats For the "Recessionista"

I read an interesting story in the New York Times on Friday discussing the new term for a fashionista in an economic downturn, the “recessionista,”

While many of us are feeling the pinch of a spiraling economy, a girls still has to keep warm right? 

It’s 36 degrees here in Michigan with a windchill of about 20 degrees and I have warmth on my mind in this chilly market.

Here’s a quick survey of some cute styles for the recessionista or worse, the potential “depressionista”.

(click on images for shopping information.)


SONOMA life + style® Bomber Jacket

original $120.00 sale $39.99


SONOMA life + style® Funnel-Collar Coat

original $180.00 sale $90.00



Mossimo® 3/4-Sleeve Wool Coat – Dragon

$39.99 – $44.99


Hydraulic Single-Breasted Coat with Patch Pockets

Reg. $140.00  Sale $84.00


was $69.50 now $39.99

This jacket may not get you on fashion’s trendy list, but this practical and warm jacket from Lands End is a great deal.

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One response to “Brrrr!! Winter Coats For the "Recessionista"

  1. The Sonoma Funnel Collar coat is adorable!!!

    I have an award for you at my blog. Not sure if you’re into that sort of thing…but wanted you to knwo that I ‘dig’ your blog!

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