Who Needs Rain Boots When You Can Wear Heels?

We had a blustery, rainy morning here in Michigan and while surfing the Internet, I found the most interesting collection of rubber shoes by Melissa Plastic Dreams

Not only can you find an amazing array of practical shoes for a rainy day, but I was amazed by the ingenious craftsmanship and impressed by the sustainable constitution that Melissa Plastic Dreams adheres to.

Made in under a minute, these injected thermoplastic shoes are constructed with Melflex to give greater flexibility, impermeability and resistance.  These aren’t your plastic shoes from the 80’s.  Even better, they are hypoallergenic and the company states that they are “100% safe to your heath.”

Take a look…

(click on images for more information.)





Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Mary Jane + Melissa




There’s something about these Clogh shoes that seem appropriate for a rainy day when it seems like the dam is about to burst.



Joy + Alexandre Herchcovitch



Melissa + Zaha Hadid coming summer 2009

I had to include this pair of sculpture for your feet, even though they are are ideal for a cold rainy day.  You may want to get your orders in early for these shoes, with their incredible architectural qualities, they are sure to be a hot seller this summer.

Click here for a really interesting video on an enormous sculptural creation of these shoes by famed Iraqis architect Zaha Hadid

The shoes are first constructed of foam, then covered in plaster and finally covered in what appears to be some sort of resin, and polished to a high sheen.

If you are like me and you can’t wait to get your hands on a pair of these gems, click here for a shopping directory for the United States. 


I was thrilled to discover that The Annex Boutique in Royal Oak, MI has a selection of Melissa shoes that range from $79 to $99.  Be sure to log on to The Annex Boutique for more store information.

For my friends on the other side of the pond, don’t despair, here’s a link for you.  Simply click on your country of origin.

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