Fashion Lesson #24: Mommy Makeover

There’s something about having children and being in your 30’s (or greater) that can sometimes induce a fashion-identity crisis.

You may think, I’m a mother now, how should I dress?  Or I’m in my 30’s I don’t know what is appropriate anymore.  Even worse, is the mother who doesn’t care anymore.

I wish I had a dollar for every woman who has said that they care more about what their children look like over themselves.

For today’s Fashion Lesson, we will discuss how to dress after becoming a mom and how to look fashionable—yet age-appropriate—without looking dowdy.

The first step in our Mommy Makeover, is to address that abyss attached to your bedroom, also known as your closet.  When was the last time you went through and weeded out all the clothes that no longer fit?

Do you still have an outfit like this from the 90’s that you rocked on a date night?

If you answered yes, PLEASE get rid of it!


Boots like these have no place in your closet.


This heel has been out of style for years, yet I still see women in boots or shoes with this big, clunky heel.

Here is my suggestion for a date night boot.


Not your typical tall boot, the bootie is this fall’s answer to the staple of years past.  This particular brand is by Söfft, and like the name suggests, they are known for comfort.  The sturdy heel will also be supportive for those of you reacquainting yourselves with heels.

The model you see above is vegan, so here are a pair of boots that I suggested to her from Payless.  Aren’t they cute?


For an evening out, my mommy-model was immediately drawn to this dress from a local hot spot, Rise clothing in Royal Oak, Michigan.


With the dress above, we paired it with black leggings so that it was more age-appropriate.  You could also wear the dress as a blouse by donning a pair of skinny jeans (or a style that fits your shape) and booties.

I happened upon a mother of teenagers in Target Monday, who said that all of the clothes that she was looking at, seemed only to be suitable for her daughter or mother.  That seems to be the consensus for women with teenage daughters.  It appears that there are stores for teenagers and young women, but after that, the market seems to go a bit dry.

Here is a suggestion for a date night out for my sophisticated friends.


This jacket is flattering on so many levels.  First, the high kimono-waist sits at the smallest area of a woman’s torso.  No matter how big your tummy is, this is the most slimming area to create a focal point.  The wide sleeve is excellent for any-size arms and the A-line in the jacket adds lovely proportion.

I also like the crisp, white shirt under this jacket.  A white shirt is a timeless staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

Now that you have your date night outfit secured, it’s time get rid of the ripped-up jeans or sweats.  Instead, opt for something more attractive for your trips to the grocery store.  You never know who  you may meet.

While my model has an amazing figure (even after having a little boy), the old Billy Idol cropped T-shirt and ripped-up jeans is not particularly age-appropriate for running errands with a child.


Instead, we opted for this fantastic western-theme dress, leggings and a pair of flat boots that she already owns.  It’s youthful without trying too hard.


For the cooler Michigan fall afternoons, we found this wonderful walking jacket, floral scarf and flared trouser jeans.


To stretch your dollar, use classic items in your closet and update them with current accessories like the scarf above.  Also, never underestimate the power of a pop of color.  It shows the world that there’s a spark of personality under those neutral colors you’re wearing.

To help you get started with your shopping this weekend, here is a sampling of some of the sales going on.

Ann TaylorSave an extra 20% off TODAY ONLY with this coupon.

Ann Taylor Loft Save up to 60% off on their Columbus Day Sale.

Liz– Extra 30% off previously reduced merchandise when you use discount code CDAY30.

J.Jill- Extra $10 off with this coupon.  See afore mentioned link for further discounts of $25-$50.

Cusp– Save 40% off new arrivals.

Macy’s Columbus Day Sale

100_1213 100_1221

I also want to say a special thank you to Sylvia at Rise Clothing for providing us with full reign of her store and to my client Lori for allowing me to photograph her in her outdated clothing.

To purchase the looks you see here today, stop in to Rise Clothing at  525 S. Washington, Royal Oak MI.

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One response to “Fashion Lesson #24: Mommy Makeover

  1. I’m not sure what happened, but the two comments from Nothing Fancy were deleted.

    Here’s a reprint. NF- I am on my way out of town, but I will check into the brand of those pants. I forgot to write them down. 🙂

    Love those flared trouser jeans Lori is wearing. Very flattering! Who makes them?

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