Gap Coupon

Hi Guys.  Sorry I haven’t posted much this week.  It’s been a bit busy. 

On Friday, I was interviewed concerning Fashion Sensei for the local paper, so I was unable to get my latest Fashion Lesson out.  I have every intention to get it out this Friday.

I do however, want to pass along a great coupon for the Gap that I received on Friday.

I ordered four pieces on the 21st and this coupon came in my inbox on Friday for an extra 20% off sale prices.  I called customer service to try and get a price adjustment, but they wouldn’t do it.  So, as it happens my Gap order arrived on Friday, so I went to the store, picked out all the same pieces and returned my online order.

I’m glad I did.  I ended up saving an extra $71.64 off the previous sale prices and a total of $128 and some change off the original retail prices.

Here’s what I bought minus another gray striped cardigan that is no longer available online, but is at the store.

gp590996-03p01v01 gp590989-03p01v01


Be sure to check out the store selection.  I discovered that the prices were even lower at the store than they were on line.

Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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2 responses to “Gap Coupon

  1. stacy

    Sounds like you have been busy! As have I. Last week at my current job before my new challenge begins. Incidentally, I have been scouring stores and have found some good suits in Alexon, Alex & Co, Minuet and Precis. The problem is, I am finding it hard to find any suits with a cute skirt match (think knee-length, pencil or with some kick-pleats for greater movement) rather than always a longer length or old-fashioned pencil-somehow they look too frumpy added to the jacket-even if its contemporary and cropped (which suits my shape). Any advice?

  2. Hi Stacy!
    I hope this last week at the old job is an easy one.

    I’m not familiar with the stores you mentioned.

    I like your kick-pleat idea. Have you seen the Mad Men inspired collection that Michael Kors designed for this fall?

    If you type in Mad Men in the Fashion Sensei search box, you’ll see my post and a link.

    I really like the 60’s inspired look of his suits.

    There is one caveat to this advice though. You really have to think about what sort of environment that you are going into. I don’t remember what sort of work you will be doing.

    If the new job has a very conservative corporate culture, you will have to respect that and dress in kind. If however, it is very creative, the trendier suits may be more acceptable.

    I’ll keep my eye out for you. 😀

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