Fashion Lesson #22: A Faux Air Brushed Face

Envision a scene where all your fine lines are delicately swept away with the whisper and a puff of fine air brushed make up.  (Cue the needle scratching on the record.)  Now open your eyes to the $300 plus price tag for such a machine.

How can you achieve that look at home without looking like a clown?

That’s the focus for this week’s Fashion Lesson.  I recently read an interesting article by Ellen Byron who interviewed J.P. McCary, vice president of consumer products and artistry for the Temptu makeup line, asking him to help unlock the secrets to flawless, air brushed looking skin.

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize

Mr. McCary advises you must first start with a clean face.  A couple of suggestions would be Cetaphil and Phisoderm.  While being prepped for surgery this summer, the nurse insisted that I wash my already clean face with Phisoderm prior to surgery.  I thought it was nice.

As for the toner, I really like Neutragena, but I know there are countless others out there.  Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite.

Then when it comes to moisturizer, the suggestion by our expert, is to find a lightweight formula that works well with your individual needs.

I have found that when it comes to moisturizing, you have to be disciplined.  Once in the morning and again at night.  No exceptions.

Apply a Silicone Base Primer


Here’s where the secrets begin to be revealed to us.  McCary states, “… silicone will fill in any fine lines and wrinkles and flattens the skin so you get a smooth canvas.”

So what sort of silicone based primers are out there and where do I get them? 

Well, I have a little funny aside for you.  I decided to do a little research on for reasonable primer products.

I typed in “Silicone Based Primer” in the search engine.  When the results popped up, I had to giggle to myself.  Personal lubricants were not my target. 😀

I moved on to Sephora and found several to choose from.  bareVitamins Prime Time was a product that stuck out in my eyes because it did not contain parabans (at least I couldn’t find any).

Once you have your primer, McCary instructs to apply the product with one’s fingers in a circular motion to fully blend.  “It breaks the product down, which helps it absorb into the skin faster.”  Further, it’s a good idea to use your ring finger when blending products under your eyes.  Believe it or not, the ring finger according to the article is the weakest on our hands.  The skin around your eyes can be prone to tugging and stretching when putting on foundation, mascara or eyeliner, so take care when working on that area.



When looking for a concealer, we are once again reminded to find a product with a silicone base.  This time, instead of using our fingers, we should use a concealer brush.  Be sure to only apply the product where it is needed, such as under the eyes.  Further, don’t forget the inside of the corners of your eyes.  Like using a light eyeshadow in this area, it will help to open the eye so that it appears wider.


Choose a silicone base foundation that blends well with your neck and face.  We all remember those girls in High School who looked like they were wearing masks.  If you’re not sure, take a trip to the cosmetic counter to have a professional assist you.  You also want to test it in natural light, so step out of the store and have a second look.

After finding the right shade, technique and tools are key.  Mr. McCary advises that we should use a synthetic-hair brush, and like the concealer, add only where you need it.  “Less is more”, he says.  “Press it into the skin with the brush, blend it, then take a sponge and buff it.  You want to push it down, then swipe away, so you never see where the foundation ends and your skin begins.”

I see I was missing a step. I usually use a brush or a buff, but rarely both. 

Powder–The last step

The finishing touch for our at-home flawless faux air brush makeup, is a strategic dusting of silica based powder on those stubborn areas with powder brush.  Mr. McCary warns against using a puff or sponge as it will provide too much coverage.

Finishing Touches

After completing your foundation, finish up with the eyes and cheeks.  He imparts a bit of really helpful advice when it comes to natural rosy cheeks; use two shades of blush. 

Yes, but how? 

The warmer tone he advises, should be applied from the temple to the cheekbone, what he dubs the “Nike Swoosh”.  Then like adding a cherry to a sundae, blend in a bright shade to the apple of your cheeks.

Voila!  You’re ready for your close-up.

(Click on individual pictures for photo sources)

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4 responses to “Fashion Lesson #22: A Faux Air Brushed Face

  1. courtneyjonesphotography

    great post sensei!
    I’m a firm believer in taking care of the skin.
    my regimen is simple yet effective. I cleanse with neutrogena creamy cleaser (my skin tends to be dry) and I also use the toner. I moisturize with oil of olay w/spf 15. I know-nothing expensive, but it works for me. I have used Cetaphil, which is a great product too. I LOVE Bare Essentials for makeup.
    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Heba

    Thanks for all the fashion lessons. They were very helpful to me. I have a question about how to find a suitable outfit for small bust. Thanks again.

  3. stacy

    loved that post. I use Roche Posay moisturiser and cleanser for more sensitive skin. The cleanser is great since it has toner in it. I cleanse with facial towels by Nivea to remove make up first and then wash with cleanser. I often skip the second step and just add moisturiser…opps. Better get back into better habits.

    For make up, I use concealer and foundation per se. I use a moisturising lip gloss as my blush, I find its a more natural translucent shade than cream or powder blushes. I also find that more conventional blushes sometimes leave my skin looking blotchy under the blush!

  4. Thanks for weighing in! 😀

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