InStyle- New Style Rules

I keep hearing that there aren’t any “rules” when it comes to fashion by various writers.  So it piqued my interest when I received an e-mail from InStyle Magazine, sharing the “New Style Rules” for fall.

After reading their “Rules”, I decided to review them here on Fashion Sensei with my own viewpoints.  I welcome your comments and impressions on my opinion and InStyle’s. 

Let Your Roots Show

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InStyle encourages us to leave about one inch of our natural color, but with this caveat, they must be within a few shade of the dyed hue.  So no sporting black roots with blond hair.  That just looks a little too trashy.  Follow gal pals and trend setters, Madge and Gwyneth Paltrow instead.

Stay in Sandals


As with last year, it is still acceptable to wear open toe shoes and even sandals with opaque tights. 

I agree with this with one monition. If you live in a warmer climate in the winter months, you can sport this look all season long.  However, if you live in a cooler climate like Michigan, tuck away those sandals and open toe darlings until the thaw sets in. 

There is nothing sillier than salt stains on the tips of your tights.  This may be common sense for some, but inevitably I see some young fashionista making the aforementioned faux pas.

Grow Out Your Hair At 40


I advised this suggestion in Fashion Lesson #16  Forty and Fabulous.  I do not see any reason why a woman who takes good care of herself should limit herself to short tresses.  I will reiterate that if you have long hair at this age, keep your cut and color maintained and try to avoid the “frosted” or over highlighted look as you start to gray.  Your stylist can assist you in maintaining a natural look. 

One other tip,  bring in a picture of yourself as a child to illustrate your natural color.  It may have been decades since you have seen your original foundation, and a youthful picture can help in reduce the signs of aging.

Go Sleeveless


Ok, first lets look at InStyle’s poster girl Sara Jessica Parker.  If you have arms like SJP, then I say go for it.  But if you tend to have overly skinny, jiggly or heavy arms, ignore this style rule.  You can modify this rule with short sleeves that flatter your individual physique.

Don’t Match Your Stocking To Your Shoes


I consider this to be quite a precarious rule and to be followed with extreme caution.  It is very easy to look like a mismatched clown. 

I highly advise that the multi-colored look be left to ladies under 25.  Also, skip the crazy blue raccoon eyes.  Enjoy Fall’s gem tones in moderation.

Pick A Print That Makes You Look Slimmer


I love this tip!  With all the patterned blouses and dresses to choose from, this is an easy rule to follow.  Look for patterns that enhance your figure such as contrasting panels or prints that slim your waist and ruffles that add proportion.

Let Your Brows Grow Natural


Gone are the days when overly arched, drawn in eyebrows are acceptable.  When going for this look, be sure to only allow enough growth that your features can handle. 

Consider Brooke Shields, she is a tall woman with very strong features.  She has a face that can handle such dominant brows. 

Conversely, if you are petite and have fine features, work with your anesthetist to see how full of a brow your face can manage without looking too masculine.

This doesn’t mean that you should just let them grow wild.  Be sure to keep your brows neat and shaped if you are doing this on your own.

Swap Your Skinny Jeans For Pleated Trousers


This look has been captured in countless shots by the Sartorialist this past fall.  It also dominated the runway this past winter during fall Fashion Week. 

Here, you see Naomi Campbell donning the cropped pleated trousers.  InStyle claims that these pants have a lower waist, but I’m not seeing it. 

These pants are meant for skinny girls only.  Anything over size 4 or 6, may want to reconsider.  They are just not flattering for the masses.

Wear Horizontal Stripes On Top


When I see Mariah Carey as the poster girl for any trend, I run away screaming.  Come on, look at this picture of her!  She’s not even wearing pants. 

On the positive side, if you are a slim curvy girl, you can get away with this look.  Just please lower the hem of your dress or put on some pants.

To see more InStyle Rules click here for the full list.  Be sure to come back and weigh in on their advice!

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5 responses to “InStyle- New Style Rules

  1. I love this article, Sensei! Okay…I’m not going to let my roots grow out, but at least if I’m delayed in getting to my hairdresser, I can claim that I’m “IN”.

    And yes, my tootsies would get too cold in the winter. I’ll save my sandals for warmer weather.

    I totally agree with you about the opaque tights. I wish some of the over 40 women here at work would realize how silly they look. Ahem…and these women are wearing those awful white tights that were “in” in the late 1980s. Ugh!

    Hey…Can you do some tips on jeans? I need a new pair for this fall and am wondering what is the ‘in’ style and also the ‘in’ designers within various price ranges.

    Thanks and hope you are recovering nicely!!

  2. Hey Nothing Fancy, I was shocked to see a comment in my box so quickly! I did a poor job of proof reading this post before I published it, so I was still correcting it when I saw your comment. 😀 You may want to check it out again, it might sound a bit better.

    Jeans you say? I will write that on my list of Fashion Lessons. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Don’t be upset with me if it takes me a little while. Fashion Lessons take a really long time to write (even though they may not be lengthy). So please bear with me for awhile. 🙂

    Thanks also for the well wishes. I’m slowly coming off the liquid diet. I was able to eat my soup without putting it in the blender yesterday.

    The things I get excited about these days…. Ha-ha

  3. stacy

    Love the post.
    I am a brunette and have some very very soft blond highlights from the sun and old highlights..they just kiss the tips of my hair…they look good…honest. So, the grow out your hair–check
    I am not so sure about the coloured tights with coloured shoes, bright blue eyeshadow and bright dresses really works. I would rather match my tights to the dress and then add different should elongate a petite no?? I love wearing tights with some dark strappy wedges I have in the winter, no snow to worry about! But strappy sandals are a bit much……tootsies get cold!
    Pleated trousers?? Wasnt that one of those 80s monsters that only the super thin, leggy could do??

  4. Wow! I was right on the cutting edge when reading your post! How fun!

    Thanks for your willingness to do the Jeans Fashion Lesson. I’ll be looking forward to it and as always…there is certainly no rush!

    I just wish we lived close…cuz then I’d just take you to the stores with me so you could TELL me what to buy!!!

    Glad you’re moving off the liquid diet. Hope you haven’t lost too much weight and energy.

  5. neighbor13

    Oh my goodness. If I let my brows go natural people would laugh. I have my Dad’s out of control brows. This was fun to read!

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