Fashion Of Olympic Proportion

If you had the opportunity to view the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics, I’m sure you shared my sense of awe and appreciation of this mesmerizing production.  I was dazzled by the electrifying color and the sensational movement the costumes contributed to this monumental production covering 5,000 years of Chinese history.

First up, is the graceful dancer pictured below in her brilliant costume, supported by countless men in an effort to symbolize the notion that one person cannot achieve greatness with out the support of many.



Photo Source:

In the next series of pictures, one may conclude that exquisite traditional dress was not limited to the female contingent of performers.  Here, you see a series of remarkably handsome ombre costumes and their respective movement. (*Note- Are those sneakers I see under their costumes?) 😀

oly22 oly16 olympics-opening-ceremony-41513678

Photo Source: news agencies

In another example of the many creating the One, these green costumes embellished with brilliant lights, moved with awe inspiring precision to create the below dove.  One interesting aside, famed Chinese film maker Zhang Yimou, originally chose black for the performers and at the last minute decided on the green.


Photo Source: Images



Photo Source: AP Photo by David Guttenfelder

Finally, after many segments involving solely men, the ladies had their turn to shine in these gowns which seem to have a little western Colonial influence with the hoop skirt.



Photo Source: news agencies

I was so taken with the beauty of this show and the underlying symbolism.  Politics aside, this was one heck of a show.

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3 responses to “Fashion Of Olympic Proportion

  1. stacy

    Hi there
    It was definitely a show. I wonder how London 2012 will be able to top that when they don’t have the vast resources of almost limitless manpower. I was really impressed by the moveable type sequence, all those people underneath the boxes creating this art! As an aside, I didnt see all that many women until those in the hoops skirts came out. All the visually spectacular sequences at the start that were so intricate didnt seem to involve as many women. It was amazing and also a bit scary to see so many performers in one space altogether. Hows the mouth doing?

  2. Hey Stacy, The mouth is doing better thanks. My chin and lower lip are still numb, but I’m now starting to eat solid foods. Yay!

    I know what you mean about the men in the Olympics. I was a little disappointed that very few women were used to perform.

    I can understand when they were doing a warrior sequence, but during that amazing moveable type segment, there is no reason why a woman couldn’t have participated.

    I am a little familiar with Japanese culture and according to my friend, women do not enjoy the same sort of status that we Western women do. Maybe this is also true in China.

    Thanks for the comment! 😀

  3. Great Post Fashion Sensi…
    I too sat glued to my tv watching the
    opening ceremony. All I can say is WOW.

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