One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Upcycled Treasure

Who would have ever thought carrying umbrellas, wallets, or handbags made from trash would ever have been considered chic?  With the advent of Global Warming and the fact that we are practically swimming in trash these days, it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on it.

We have seen discards like, gum wrappers, seatbelts, newspapers and even license plates find a new life.  However, I think what makes TerraCycle (known for fertilizer), different is that they are really making inroads and developing relationships with major corporations.

TerraCycle profits from its relationships with Kraft Foods Inc., Kellogg Co., Clif Bar & Co. and Coca-Cola by gathering unrecycleable packaging and then upcycling it into fashionable items such as shower curtains, umbrellas, pencil cases, totes, lunchboxes and backpacks.MK-AQ410_UPCYCL_20080630125932  I was really drawn to the Chips Ahoy! umbrella.

Then I started to think, is the general population really ready to trade in their new products for upcycled trash? 

What do you think?  Is upcycling just another clever advertising tactic or is this a genuine effort to make a difference?  Would you buy a shower curtain made from old cheese wrappers? 

Then to take this one step further, would you be willing to only wear second hand clothes in an effort to reduce the amount of waste associated in purchasing new?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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One response to “One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Upcycled Treasure

  1. veggiemamma

    I dont mind trading in the new for something “green”, in fact I think its great. However, I dont want to be a walking billboard.

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