She’s Got The Look

With the advent of the new Sex And The City Movie, all the newspapers are abuzz with women of a certain age.  Articles from the Wall Street Journal to local newspapers are discussing the “untapped” market of women over 35.  Can you believe 35 is considered old?  Is seems that once you graduate out of the 18-34 marketing category, corporations and marketing firms consider you dead.

Well, with unmistakable timing, a new reality series called She’s Got The Look is America’s Next Top Model for the over 35 set.  She’s Got The Look is looking for a women with beauty, but more importantly, a relatable personality with depth that comes with maturity.  Ten women will compete for a contract with Wilhemina Models and a photo spread in Self magazine.

Judges include:

Sean Patterson, President of Wilhemina Models, Inc.


Beverly Johnson, The first African-American supermodel to appear on the cover of VOGUE.


Robert Verdi, whom you may recognize as the host of shows such as Surprise By Design and Fashion Police.


Photo Source

As you can imagine all sorts of fashionistas turn out, from a man in the process of becoming Trans-gender to a leopard-print, body suit wearing diva.  Each hoping to have “The Look”.

She’s Got The Look airs Wednesday, June 4th at 10:00pm on TV Land.  To read more about this show and to view some great sneak peaks, click here.  I’m really interested in your opinion on this. 

I think it’s smart of TV Land to recognize that women over 35 aren’t dead and we still do care about what we look like.  I hope that a show like this encourages women to take better care of themselves and inspires them to follow their passion at any age.  We’ll see…

Any 35 or over gals want to weigh in? 

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4 responses to “She’s Got The Look

  1. nothingfancy1

    Hadn’t heard about this, Sensei. I’ll have to check it out for sure!

  2. Do you have to be tall and gorgeous? Yes? So really, what’s the point. Let’s celebrate unattainable ideals of beauty again, this time for women over 35, many of whom are jugglings kids, career and housekeeping.

    Also, the over-35s are an untapped market? That is surprising to me. Isn’t it one of the demographics with the most disposable income? The Oprah followers?

  3. I’m not sure if you have to be stereotypically beautiful. There was a woman whom I think makes it to the final 10 who is 60 years old and definately not what one would consider a head turner. Attractive, yes. But her personality really shined and she had a pretty normal body.

    I’m really interested to see what they do with this show.

    As far as 35 being an untapped market, according to reports in the paper, marketers and television wants the 18- 34 demographic.

    I read in the Wall Street Journal before I left how there is a flurry of “Women’s” movies coming out this summer to capitalize on the SATC movie.

    Thanks for the comment Trixie, I was hoping you would weigh in. 😀

  4. fashionistadanie

    I think it’s a brilliant idea!

    I’d also love to see a show where they allow petite girls to model, or allow them on ANTM or something. Just because a woman isn’t 5’10″doesn’t mean she’s not model quality!

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