Chi-Town Review

Hey everybody.  I just returned from the Windy City and had a great, time.  Soon after I arrived on Friday, my friends and I went to a movie theater downtown for a sold out screening of SATC.  At the theater, women where streaming in with their Louboutins and dressed to the nines at 4:00 in the afternoon no less.  I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself how excited everyone was.

Before the show, one group of twenty-something ladies caught my attention.

SATC Girls


This lady however, didn’t appear to get the memo.


Once in the movie, the theater was buzzing in anticipation.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I think my friends were a little embarrassed that I was approaching strangers to take their pictures.  But back to the movie. Once the music began, all the women started cheering and clapping.  It was pretty amusing.  My girlfriend said, “This is like Star Wars for women!”.   Then after an emotional roller coaster ride during the movie (I should have brought some extra make-up) the women once again cheered and clapped when the credits started to roll.

My verdict of the movie is that it was a lot of fun, but some parts of the story line were a little ridiculous and I was a bit disappointed with Carrie’s storyline.  (We can talk about the movie for those of you who have seen it, by leaving a comment.  So those of you who have not seen it, beware.)

The next day was filled with a lot of walking and shopping.  But with Chicago’s 10% sales tax, I had pretty tough criteria for my purchases. 😀

Lastly, I had to show you this funny store front that I came upon Sunday.  It’s for a city worker uniform shop.  It reminded me of photos that  Life In The Fashion Fast Lane features.  Apparently with the recession, this shop couldn’t afford a mannequin with all her appendages.

city worker

Well, the City was a blast, but it’s time to get back to work.  If you have any suggestions for a “Fashion Lesson” or theme for “Fashion Sensei Says…”, feel free to leave me a comment.

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9 responses to “Chi-Town Review

  1. veggiemamma

    I loved the movie! I did like Carries storyline, it was very typical Carrie. I dont want to give anything away so that is all I will say about her. Mirandas storyline was surpisingly interesting since she usually bores me but I found myself rooting for her at the end.
    Charlotte and Samantha ended where they should have in their lives.
    I thought the movie was very true to the characters but I did miss the sex talk.

  2. fashionistadanie

    That mannequin is great! She looks like an amputee! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

    I loved Sex and the City but I agree with veggiemamma, I missed the sex talk. I did appreciate the (brief) full frontal male nudity though!

  3. nothingfancy1

    The 20-something gals look fab!

    Glad you had a great time.

    I need some Sensei tips on casual attire for us old folks – ahem…the 40-something crowd. We want to look hip and sexy – help! 🙂

  4. I’m with you on Carrie’s storyline. I couldn’t find myself happy at the end of the movie so instead I just thought about all the clothes! Mmmm…

  5. Nothing Fancy, I will do a Fashion Lesson this Friday on the fourtyish crowd, just for you. 😀 Be sure to come back!

  6. Hi Veggiemama! Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment.

    I also loved the character Louise in the movie. My favorite line in the movie was “Ain’t nothin’ in here for you” when that guy was looking down her shirt. 😀

    Don’t get me wrong though I really enjoyed the movie, I think I read too many poor reviews about the movie that had me a little jaded.

    I will say, that when the movie ended I was glad that I went.

  7. Hey fashionistadanie, no problem for the “shout out”. I love your pictures. 😀

    As far as the gratuitous full frontal, a friend of mine had a funny story. She and another friend went to see the movie here at home and a group of women in their 60’s sat next to them. No one in this group had ever seen an episode of this show. Oh boy you can imagine what sort of surprise these ladies had in store for them.

    My pal told me that the women were covering their eyes when Stanford and Anthony kissed. And as you can imagine they once again where shielding their virgin eyes when the neighbor was taking his shower. hee-hee

  8. nothingfancy1

    Thanks Sensei. You’re the best!

  9. Hey Sensei!

    In deference to not revealing spoilers here, I wrote a rather lengthy assesment of the movie over at my blog–I’d love your thoughts!

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