Blow Dryer Blues


So I tend to burn up blow dryers at least once a year.  One actually caught fire on me once.  After the fourth hairdryer in 3 years I decided it was time to make an investment in a quality professional grade dryer.  I spoke with a hairdresser who recommended a BaByliss, which is the brand that she uses for her clients.4901-A8612

Off the the Beauty Supply store I went.  The BaByliss Pro TT 5000 was around $150, a major investment for someone who had never paid more than $30 prior to that.  The dryer seemed nice; it came in a crocodile embossed hard case.  That’s good right?

It worked like a dream for about 4-6 months.  The tourmaline feature made my hair smooth and silky.  But soon after that, it wasn’t working as well.  Around nine months it started getting really hot and vibrating.  Then some 4 weeks later, I heard something break inside and the damn thing broke.  My $150 hair dryer broken? Really?! 

So I thought maybe it was a fluke, I paid the $15 for shipping to send back the old dryer and accept a new replacement.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, it’s making that vibrating noise again and I heard a loud pop this morning.  It still works, but only on a low setting without heat.  What is that going to do for me?

Now ladies and hairdressers alike, I am apealing to you for some advice for a really good blow dryer.  I have really thick long hair so I want something durable, quiet and with a long warranty.

I have been reading various reviews for other hairdryers, but would really like to hear from someone who has used their product for over a year.  Whad’ya say?  Can you help?

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4 responses to “Blow Dryer Blues

  1. agirlgottaeat

    Yes I got the same dryer and had problems with it as well. It was a replacement for my Super Solano I got 10yr before. It was the 1st dryer I had ever bought that was over $100, it lasted 10 yrs and I loved that dryer!! I’m thinking of getting another Super Solano or Elchim Hair Dryer.

  2. Thanks for the advice AGG, I’ll check them out! 😀

  3. fashionistadanie

    I have no idea. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I had the same hair dryer from 13-19 (and then my roommate stole it), and then another one I bought at 19 that I left in Canada that my mom still uses and still works, and I’ve had the same Braun one I use here in Germany ever since I moved here.

    Come to think of it I think they all might have been Braun.

  4. I’ve refused to pay anything above $15 for a hair dryer. And I’ve had mine for… maybe 2 1/2 years. It is starting to smell funny, but after 2 1/2 years, I can deal with a funny smell for a few minutes, right? Right.
    But it’s just a regular Clairol hairdryer, some non-descript cheapo hair dryer my mother bought when the first one I took to college died.
    (Anything that has a plug dies on me.)
    This little hair dryer has been nothing but faithful.
    For that, I thank that Drug Store Gods. Thank you, CVS, thank you.

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