Marshalls Shoe Megashop


Recently I was approached by a marketing firm to visit Marshalls new Shoe Megashop.  As a bonus, I was given $50 to purchase some new shoes.  Needless to say I was in.  Who wouldn’t want $50 to get some new shoes?

So I went yesterday afternoon to see what I could find.  Coming in to this assignment, I was expecting something new and exciting about the new Shoe Megashop.  When I arrived, I was a little disappointed.  I was expecting something a little more welcoming and pleasing.  What I found, was a bit of a mess.  All of the shoes are arranged by style, not size and not all of the shoes in boxes are displayed. Rather than it being a relaxing browse for some fantastic shoes, I did a lot of digging.

I started from the back of the “shop” and worked my way to the front of the store.  In the rear of the department, I found the sale, children’s and men’s selections. In that section, I didn’t find anything that  I was interested in so I proceeded to the front of the store. 

I soon discovered, that they do not carry size 10 1/2 and very few size 11.  There were however, a great selection of sizes 6-8.  I had a friend come with me who is a size 11 and she soon left me to walk around the store because they didn’t carry her size. 

As I moved along toward the front of the department, the styles of shoes improved.  I found brand names such as Cole Haan, Born, Nine West, Anne Klein, KORS by Michael Kors and BCBGGirls.  The black Patent Leather pumps that I found from Cole Haan were really cute, but they were irregular and still $69.99.

As I forged on, I came upon a sale wall displayed by size and found some cute gray Ombre pumps for only $20.  But even in size 11 they were too small.  Then I found some really cute Etienne Aigner gladiator style flats with rectangular stones marked down to $20.  For that price, they were keepers.


As I was browsing, I also found these sandals by Ellen Tracy for $39.99.  They are right on trend and I can see these being a fantastic compliment to a lovely patio dress for the summer.


To complicate matters, I discovered a beautiful silver metallic wedge from Nine West that I really liked too.  That conundrum was soon rectified though, because they weren’t very comfortable (a little too narrow).

While I was shopping, I decided to get the opinion of three other women.  All three were very happy with the selection that Marshalls offered and did not have any trouble finding their size.  As you may guess, they were between a size 6- 9 so there was more to choose from. 

So my verdict for Marshalls Megashop?  For me personally, it was a C.  I think they had a pretty good selection of brand names, I just wish they had a better selection of sizes.

I am very thankful though for the two pair of shoes that I did find, so a LOUD thanks to Marshalls! 

If you are interested in finding a Marshalls Megashop near you, please click on this link for further information.


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11 responses to “Marshalls Shoe Megashop

  1. You have been paged at ButterCup Punch!!!!

  2. p.s. You might want to bookmark this. It’s really fascinating. Take an hour some day and scroll back.

  3. Thanks Trixie, I was going to ask you for this, I just didn’t have time before my appointment. I will review and send you my report. 😀

  4. P.S. Thanks Trixie for the plug on your blog.

    For the rest of you who have no idea what I am talking about, check out You’ll also get a sneak peek at what this week’s Fashion Lesson will be. 😀

  5. whatmenthink

    Grats Fashion Sensei!

  6. Thanks WMT! For all you single ladies out there reading this, be sure to check out What Men Think. His blog is kicking ass and is very insightful!

  7. thefunctionkey

    I went to a Shoe Megashop this weekend and was unimpressed! It’s like a micro version of DSW . . . not very exciting.

  8. Hey function key,

    Yep, I agree. I thought it would be better than it was. But my black shoes were a good deal.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. Heya, I found your article as I was about to post my own Marshalls Shoe Megastore review. Just a friendly head’s up: Cole Haan, Anne Klein, KORS by Michael Kors, and BCBGirls! (Sorry, I can’t help myself. 😉 ) My review should be up tomorrow if you want to check, thanks! Bookmarked your site, btw.

  10. Angela Sanford

    Was surfing the web for black latex gloves (don’t ask) and came across this post. Anyway – interesting post. Am going to forward to my husband who. thanks

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