Fashion Lesson #14 Signature Style

When you think of Anna Wintour’s style what do you think of first?  I think of her bob haircut. (It’s reported that she has had the cut since the age of 14.)  Karl Lagerfeld? Fingerless gloves and white starched high-collared shirts.  Finally, when I think of Coco Chanel, I think of pearls and the Little Black Dress.

250px-Anna_Wintour2 070319_r16009_p233 gabriellechanel

So when it comes to your style, what is your signature look?  Is it an old locket that your mother gave you that you never take off?  Smartly tailored shirts? Killer heels?  When someone thinks about you, what comes to their mind first?  My only hope is that it is not overly sprayed hair, tapered acid washed jeans and blue eye shadow.

There’s a difference between a signature look that evolves with you over the years and just sticking with something that looked good on you two decades ago. 

For me it has been long hair.  I’ve cut my hair over the years, but I seem to look best when I wear it long and usually with a lot of layers.  I also have a necklace that I have only taken off a handful of times over the past 5 1/2 years.

My suggestion for “discovering” your signature style is to think about what you love most about yourself or is meaningful to you.  Do you have killer legs?  Wear skirts or some wicked heels.  A swan-like neck?  Think of making necklaces your signature look.  If you were blessed with a tiny little waist, you could make belts your signature style.  If you have lovely delicate hands, keep your fingernails well groomed and polished; ditto for feet.  Another accessory that just about all of us can pull of is a hat.  As we saw at the London premier of Sex And The City, hats come in all shapes and sizes; there’s something for everyone.

00050m iblow_ptreacyB 


So while you are going about your day today or when getting ready this weekend, think about your signature style or lack there of.  What do you want others to know about you when they see you?


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8 responses to “Fashion Lesson #14 Signature Style

  1. I now dress to accentuate my waist so that could be pencil skirts or trousers/jeans — as long as the top tapers at the waist. Belted coat dresses are big. Heels always, the higher the better. Usually a V-neck or collared neckline undone a couple of buttons to accent the decolletage. Pendant necklace. I guess that’s my signature look, though I’d never really thought about it til you asked.

    Thanks, Sensei!

  2. Trixie, you are one hot mama whose got it together!

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m interested to hear a follow up about your daughter’s trip. 😀

  3. Jesus, my daughter’s trip. Oh God.

  4. whatmenthink

    it is so important to cultivate your own look/style! I applaud this post with great fervor!

  5. walnutsrice

    high heels, shift dresses, stockings and scarves
    i usually have one or more of the above on me =) haha and more often than not, a killer stare.

  6. Oooh walnutrice…You’re fiiiierrrce! 😀

  7. stacy

    stockings, interesting, colourful, delicate or playful earrings, a thick silver cuff I always wear, a scarf of some variety. I work the androgynous look a lot, sharp tailored shirts, sometimes military-style with long grandpa cardys, cute sherbet bright cardys, cinched in at my tiny waist. Trousers that skim my tiny hips and fall straight and elegant. I am a jersey girl with a love of knee length, a-line skirts and skinny belts. Boned tulip skirted cocktail dresses, sweatheart necklines, 1920s style t-bars, high mary janes, kitten heels. My fashion aims are flirty, elegant and cute.

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