America’s Next Top Model Finale

And America’s Next Top Model is….

Whitney Thompson of Atlantic Beach Florida.

America's Next Top Model

Photo Source

A big surprise to me.  I really though Anya was going to win.  The representative from Cover Girl was fawning over her at the photo shoot with comments like “You model from your toes up!”

I think it’s a positive and interesting choice all at once.  The ANTM gals haven’t become big stars as the show suggests.  There are rumors that top modeling agencies and designers don’t like to be “told” who will be the next “it” girl.  So maybe Tyra and the show have decided to change direction a bit.  Neither girl did well in their commercial and Anya was a real disappointment in the final cat walk.

Was it just me, or did anyone else think that final runway show in Rome was only staged for the show?  Other final runway shows seemed to be actual shows by the designer.  This one just had Versace clothes, not a Versace show per se.

What do you think about the choice?  I also found an interesting link of pictures of the past contestants and some pre-show photos of Whitney when she was a bit slimmer (or really sucking it in).  Click here.


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