Fashion Sensei Says…


Clip These Coupons….

Click here to print a Brooks Brothers 25% off Friends & Family coupon or use discount code friend51 online.

Mad rush to pick up something for mom or need to freshen up? Click here for a $10 off coupon for Bath & Body Works on $30 min. purchase.

Click here for 20% off at Express, now until May 20th.

Save 20% on a new pair of kicks at Piperlime with discount code D1914JNYBNBB until May 14th.


I Heart BJ Art…

I always enjoy the artwork that Betsey Johnson provides for her sale and new line announcements.  Here’s a peek at her latest work entitled “Be In A Garden State Of Mind”.



Dress Your Vest…

There are lots of options with this vest from the Gap.  You can dress it up or dress it down, but don’t button it up with either of these shirts.

(click on image for shopping details)

47133772-01 gp413293-00p01v01 43162055v2_240x240_Front_Color-PinkSalmon


Keep Your Germs To Yourself…

Gotta cold or the flu?  Here’s a stylish way to avoid sharing your germs with everyone around you.  The Museum of Modern Art has a very cute selection of exclusive lifestyle products in their Destination: Japan collection.

This mask below is an image of a maiko, a young geisha apprentice.  No need to keep applying your lipstick.


Carry On…

Spring is in the air and if you are feeling like a love bird these days, shout it to the world with this cute little tote from Tory Burch.

(click on image for shopping details)



Blushing Bride Past Or Present…

Speaking of love, looking for something special for your anniversary or fiance before the wedding?  Seek out a professional photographer like Courtney Jones Photography and create a work of art with a boudoir photo.  Nothing trashy, think Maxim.  You can put it in your dressing room or walk-in-closet.  Ooh-la-la!



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