Fashion Sensei Says… Nerd Alert! Edition


After seeing this first event and nearly making an entire post out of it, I decided to have a theme to today’s Fashion Sensei Says.  Enjoy!

Le Geek So Chic…

Hot off the newswire, Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy is set to go on display May 7th at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Here’s a sneak peak of what looks to be a fantastic show.

Masked Mavens


Cat Woman





Every Superhero needs and emblem


Superman, Queen with Supermen

016m 017m


014m 018m



When Super Powers Just Aren’t Enough- Body Armor


Iron Man, Tron

250px-IM006 063m





The Feminine Caped Crusader


Jane Fonda in Barbarella






Free For All…

May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day.  Hit your local comic book store to pick up one free comic from a list of titles.  For more information, click here.  Sci-Fi Sensei has been talking about this for weeks and was excited to see this cover to the local entertainment section of the Detroit Free Press today.



Not A Paper Cup…

From the fabulous Thinking Geek site comes the Not A Paper Cup. This ceramic, thermal java cup is fantastic!


Beauty and Brains Too…

While toting your new coffee cup, show that you have a dose of brains to go with your astonishing beauty.  The below  Caffeine Babydoll Tee has the molecular structure for your morning buzz.




I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated Fashion Sensei Says… and getting in touch with your “Inner Geek”.


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3 responses to “Fashion Sensei Says… Nerd Alert! Edition

  1. This is so cute! I mean, I tend to find comic book depictions of females to be painfully sexist. But fashion can be, too, so why not camp it up a little? Very nice post.

  2. How did I miss Free Comic Book Day?! Totally did not see it coming until about two days later when EVERYONE started talking about it. Sad Fluvial. 😦

    And I agree…Buttercuppunch is one of the best blogs out there if only for it’s sheer honesty and comedic timing.

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