America’s Next Top Model Controversy

It’s been awhile since I last posted about ANTM and thought it was time to comment again.

The ladies are now in Italy and last week they shot commercials for Cover Girl.

It was no surprise that Lauren. was. sent. home.  (An ANTM reference)

She can’t walk and was buckling under the pressure.  Whitney was on the chopping block too.  What do you think? Is she Top Model material?

I would say my top two pics would be Katarzyna and Anya.  The thing is, Anya has that really strange accent.  Somebody, tell me what is that all about?  But I will say Anya seems like a really sweet person.

Now on to the latest buzz.  In a report on the New York Post,  The Parents Television Council has filed an indecency complaint with the FCC over the March 26 episode where

“…a model posing for photographs, fully nude, while lying on a bed.

While the nudity was partially blurred, PTC president Tim Winter called it ‘irresponsible’ and said it ‘crossed the legal threshold for broadcast indecency.’ “

Isn’t this the episode when Anya won a photo shoot with Nigel? I did some digging on YouTube and here is the video.  Fast forward to near the end.  Notice that when Anya is getting ready, there is a nude colored thong hanging up to put on.  I don’t think she was totally nude.  You be the judge.

I find it interesting that there wasn’t any outrage (or at least I didn’t hear of any) when one of the ladies breasts were exposed during a High School fashion show.  The boys got a little treat that day.


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One response to “America’s Next Top Model Controversy

  1. fasionistadanie

    Even if she WAS fully nude and it’s blurred out, I just don’t see the issue. I grew up in Canada and live in Europe now, and in both countries stuff like that just isn’t a big deal. In Europe they even show topless girls on major networks, prime time. It’s so different. I just don’t see how a little blurred out nudity can hurt anyone.

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