Jelly Feet


Back during the days of Wacky Wall Walkers, Cabbage Patch Dolls (the originals) and the Smurf’s, Jelly Shoes reigned.

Now this summer you can see them from Ferragamo to Target and everywhere in between.

(Click on images for shopping information)




 NMV04PR_mn NMV04PR_eg

I discovered something interesting while researching this post.  The clear Marc Jacobs jelly ballet flats below, from Saks Fifth Avenue were originally $270 marked down to $188.90 and the same flats in pink and blue were market down 70% at Nordstrom to $79.90.



Marc Jacobs


Urban Outfitters

14098032_72_b 14002505_40_b

Did you like the Marc Jacobs flats two choices ago, but not the price?  Target has a knock off version that is now on sale for $5.59



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4 responses to “Jelly Feet

  1. stacy

    Just a question. When its hot outside, wouldn’t your feet get mega sweaty and slide about in rubber/jelly shoes? You could well be on your way to mega cuts from wearing them in. I love the yellow Melissa jelly skimmer from urban outfitter and ferragamo shoes though…

  2. Yes you are very right about that. I could only wear these shoes to a pool or beach. My feet would be slipping and sliding around in the examples that I provided.

    I just thought that it was interesting that they are back and wanted to illustrate the newest versions.

    I liked the two that you mentioned as well, but could never imagine paying that much for a pair of Ferragamo jelly shoes. 😀

  3. They ARE coming back! I wonder if my brain chose to subconsciously block them out because I didn’t realize how many there are…haha. Geez, these were big when I was in highschool!

  4. I used to have coveted green jelly shoes. No other girls had them in that color and I thought I was the bees knees.

    I love the yellow ones you posted!

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