Happy Earth Day


It’s the other green day today.  Unlike wearing green for St. Patty’s Day and going to a pub to tie one on,  Earth Day revelers will be donning organic or recycled T-Shirts with quips like “Save The Humans” and will sip organic, free trade, shade grown coffee instead.  (I will be taking part in the coffee sipping part of the festivities, I haven’t had time to buy my T-Shirt.)

If you want to join in but don’t want to invest too much on a shirt, I have just the solution.  I found these really inexpensive cute T-Shirts all of which are $7.50 or less.

(click on images for shopping information)

This first shirt is made from cotton and recycled Coke bottles.


The next two shirts are made from transitional cotton (organic’s precursor) it takes three years of organic farming practices to be truly organic.




Do you want the world to know you recycle?  Although this shirt is not as inexpensive as the above options, it’s a cute consideration.



Are you more of an understated gal? You don’t feel the need to shout your convictions to the world?  Try this butterfly print tank from Loomstate for Barneys Green made of organic cotton.


This 100% organic top exclusively for Barneys by Theory might be another option.



Whichever choice you make, enjoy your day!

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5 responses to “Happy Earth Day

  1. whatmenthink

    Awesome! They closed down WIlshire Blvd. in Korea Town Los Angeles. I took the LA Metro to my afternoon appointment. I love it.

  2. whatmenthink

    The above comment may seem random… I meant they did that all for Earth Day. =P

  3. shoemamasofrugal

    These t’s are great! I am definitely on the re-use kick and I am definitely going to show it off by getting one of these! Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Hi there WMT, glad to hear that you were inspired to take the LA Metro. It’s pitiful where I live, we have very little public transportation. We have buses and a few cabs here and there (as long as you call ahead).

    Thanks for the visit! 😀

  5. Hey Shoe Mama, thanks for the visit! I’m glad you liked the T-Shirts. Did you ever pick one up?

    Come back and visit again! 🙂

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