Return Of The Kids In The Hall


I’m so excited to hear that the Canadian cross dressing comedy troupe Kids In The Hall are coming to town on their 30 city two month tour.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the group had a cult following during their run on television from 1988-1995.  They were famous for sketches like The Chicken Lady, Head Crusher, The Eradicator and the effeminate bar fly  Buddy Cole.  (click on afore-mentioned links for videos)

An admirable quality about their work is the timelessness of their material.  Sketches like this one with my favorite re-occurring characters Fran and Gordon are just as funny now as they were 18+ years ago.  In this skit Gordon announces that he has been fired and blames Fran because she sent him to work with his soup in a bag for lunch.

In celebration of the new tour, AV has a terrific new interview catching up with the guys after opening night of their “Live As We’ll Ever Be” show.

In the interview, the guys reveal the genesis of their new collaboration, what it is like to work together again, their sense of humor and if they still feel confident in dresses.

It’s a fascinating read. Click here for the full interview and bonus video clips.

Photo Source:AV

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4 responses to “Return Of The Kids In The Hall

  1. The Kids in the Hall are back!
    My favourite skits were always: The Flying Pig and To The Person Who Stole My Bicycle

  2. Do you remember the Hetero-Pride Parade with the parents confessing their love and pride for their out-hetero kids?
    That was so ahead of its time.

  3. planetross, thanks for the visit and the comment!

    OMG, I remember both of those skits and I forgot all about them until you mentioned it. Thank goodness for YouTube, I can go back and look for them.

    I searched high and low for my favorite Fran and Gordon called “Salty Ham” but I couldn’t find it. That show was the best!

    It’s great to hear from another fan. 😀

  4. Hi gifted typist, thank you also for the visit and leaving a comment.

    I don’t remember the Hetro-Pride Parade skit, but I will go back and look for it.

    I wanted to include “Steps: Gay Marriage” in my post when I was referring to the timelessness of their material as well. If you get a chance, take a look on YouTube for that one. It was just hysterical and hard to believe that it has been at least 18 years since it was written.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

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