Fashion Sensei Says…


These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

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pKS1-4469626_kspr01_dt pKS1-4469626dt



Funk Sucker…

The Eco Shoe Dryer will suck all the moisture from your shoes sparing the stench that might have been.  Just plug it into the wall and when it’s finished, the light will give you the green light to funk freedom.

ecoshoesdryer band



Dinner Party Duds…

I saw this dress at the store and really fell in love with it.  It would be good for those of us with tummies.




Check It Out…

This week, the legendary CBGB became the new home to John Varvatos’ new store.  If you are a CBGB fan, you will be pleased to see that some of the old has remained for you to enjoy. 

The old walls with the original graffiti and stickers (along with a retractable stage) can still be enjoyed while you peruse the full John Varvatos line including some limited edition wares which include the new CBGB-only 315 Bowery Collection, and an alliance with vintage fetishists What Comes Around Goes Around.





Pillowcases For A Cause…


Children Raising Children

Before you trash an old pillowcase, think again.  In the spirit of Earth Month, take a pillowcase, new or gently used, and transform it into a darling little dress.

Little Dresses For Africa provide dresses made from a pillowcase through a simple pattern that anyone could follow.  The dresses will then be distributed to orphan girls in Malawi Africa.

Once the dresses are completed, they can be mailed to 24614 Curtis Drive, Brownstown, Michigan 48134. There will be another trip to Africa in June to distribute your dresses, so don’t procrastinate!  

Here is a link to the pattern and another to the organization.  Take a look at this cute little dress “Veggie Mamma” made.

post_52335_1207592148_med post_52335_1207591754_med




My Heavens…

How did they get her hair to do that?


This was a recent ad for Aveda to “Pump Up the Volume”.  The texture on the bottom of her hair is so strange.  I wonder if they used hair pieces.  This all makes me think of America’s Next Top Model and the wild things they do for photo shoots.



Carry On…

bollywood stevie by kate spade




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4 responses to “Fashion Sensei Says…

  1. those kate spade sandals are cute!

  2. indianrosefashionista

    I really don’t understand why the kate spade bag comes under the bollywood name……what’s so bollywood about it? (maybe its just me lol)

  3. love the kate spade shoes…perfect for a piscean!
    cool idea with the pillowcases.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for the visit!

    Indian Rose, I think she is basing it on the colors. She did the same thing with that popcicle change purse that I posted before. But, you are my resident expert so I will defer to you. 😀

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