What A Croc!

Since working on my post for Running With Heels I have had shoes on my brain.  I ran across this ad in this months addition in In Style magazine (my apologies for the quality).

what a crock!

The tagline in this advertisement is “It’s hard to believe the parents were ugly.”  Frankly, I think they are still ugly. 

I understand that they are really comfortable (I have never tried a pair on), but I am having a hard time coveting these shoes.

Are there any Croc fans out there?  Am I crazy?

I will say that I do think the ‘adra’ style is a cute flip flop that I could see myself wearing as an everyday summer shoe.


What do you think?  Is this ad campaign a croc?


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3 responses to “What A Croc!

  1. fasionistadanie

    no I don’t think you’re crazy. They’re still ugly and I don’t care how ‘comfortable’ crocs supposedly are, they’re still ugly. This world is full of non-ugly, comfortable shoes (I’m wearing a pair right now!) There are no excuses for Crocs, or these croc sandals, aside from gardening and camping.

  2. Lol, fashionistadanie, I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😀

  3. forgetparis

    I think they’re cute… on my kids… and… well… YEAH OKAY THEY’RE GROSS! ( I’m wearing them right now) … (with jibbitz in the holes no less) I’m more turned of by the UGG myself, particularly here. I don’t care if it’s the dead of winter, I know your feet are sweating in there, this is So Cal!! YUK!

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