Running With Heels

Hi guys I apologize for my absence.  As I write this I am experiencing patterns of chills and extreme warmth.  I discovered yesterday that I have strep throat.  So to say the least I am not feeling well.  I had two days to take care of business at home and then as my present I won strep. 

The doctor came back in my examination room yesterday after administering a test and said “Congratulations, you have strep throat!”  Lucky me…

Regularly scheduled posts are coming soon.  I need at least one more day to recover.

On another note, I am thrilled to announce that I was asked to be a guest blogger by the fabulous on-line magazine Running With Heels.  My story “Earth Day & Eco Shoes” will be featured on their site today.  I hope you have a chance to stop by and leave a comment. Click on the logo below to go right to the post.


For those of you new to the site, welcome and be sure to check my sidebar for topics of interest.  I also write Fashion Lessons each week.  You may type Fashion Lesson in the search box to the right of this post to find a listing.  If there is a topic that you are interested in knowing more about, feel free to leave me a comment.

Once again, thanks again for visiting Fashion Sensei and I hope to hear from you!

Best Regards, 

Fashion Sensei



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5 responses to “Running With Heels

  1. indianrosefashionista

    Hope you feel well soon! and congrats on the feature! 🙂

  2. Hi IRF,
    Thanks! I will be by again to your site soon. 😀

  3. hi fashion sensei! i’m glad you are feeling better.
    love your new icon.

  4. thefunctionkey

    that’s so awesome! congratulations!

  5. Hi functionkey, I’m so behind in responding, so I apologize. Thanks so much for the well wishes!

    If anyone else is reading this comment, be sure to check out The Function Key blog! (see above comment)

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