Lyn Devon Fall/Winter 2008

Lyn Devon is another designer to watch according to  There’s no doubt that this talented designer who once designed for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Zac Posen is making a name for herself and winning fans all over the world. 

Lyn Devon began her business out of her apartment basement back in 2005.  Now, she has earned accolades such as the “Rising Star Award” in Women’s Ready to Wear, bestowed to her in 2007 by Fashion Group International.  Not to mention a roster of celebrities such as Sara Jessica Parker, Julia Stiles and Mena Suvari.

In February, Ms. Devon granted the blog FABSUGAR an exclusive interview.  In that interview, Ms. Devon revealed her inspiration for her Fall/Winter 2008 collection.

“This season I started with armor. A warrior. An artful, independent spirit — which is always my muse. I really wanted to play with the idea of hard and soft and having these structural elements but keeping it feminine and really contoured to the body. I definitely brought it closer to the body this season. I was feeling sexy.”

When I first reviewed this collection, I thought it was more architectural and futuristic.  Take a look…



lyn devon



Photo Source:



Photo Source: FabSugar

I was really struck by this collection over the other 9 designers that were chosen.  Her designs are modern and edgy, but not so edgy that you need to sport a mohawk and a nose piercing (at least not everyday).

Continued success to Lyn Devon.  This fashion lover looks forward to her Spring 2009 collection.

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3 responses to “Lyn Devon Fall/Winter 2008

  1. whatmenthink

    I like the coats as pieces. not sure I’m down with this aggressive look.

  2. indianrosefashionista

    Same here…..the coats are the most appealing for me.

  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for weighing in. I know that these styles are edgy and not for everyone, but I thought they were artistic and interesting. 😀

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