April Fools

I have never been much of a prankster.  My face always gives it away; a terrible liar.  This being April Fools Day, I no doubt will hear Basketball Sensei recount his best April Fools Day ruse. 

I get the same story every year, reliving the glorious day when he called one of his best buddies who is a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan.  He told him that the famed Mr. Olympia was going to be at a local gym and he better hurry up and get down there.  Well his friend took the bait and scurried down to this gym immediately.  Once there, the friend proceeded to scour the gym for his hero.  Unable to find him, the friend in a panic that he missed Arnold, asked the front desk where he might be.  The ruse was over and the truth revealed, he had been punked.

This friend tried in vain to get Basketball Sensei back, but the prank was thinly veiled and never worked.


One man however pulled the ruse of a lifetime, and topped the list of Trend Hunter’s Top 40 Pranks and Prank Ideas For April Fools Day.  Juan Isidro Casilla took a topless photo of himself last March, added the Gucci Logo and a perfume bottle then off he sent it to prominent Swiss magazine.  Along with the photo, the story goes that he asked them to publish a two page spread of the advertisement in one of their issues. 

After the magazine agreed to publish the advertisement and in fact printed the two page put-on, Mr. Casilla directed the company to bill Gucci directly.  The sum? $50,000. 

According to Trend Hunter, this wasn’t Mr. Casilla’s first prank.  “He previously posed as a pop singer… And today, he claims to have a modeling career, launched by his publicity stunt.”

To read more of Trend Hunters April Fools ideas, click on Top 40 Pranks and Prank Ideas For April Fools Day.

For an interesting article on the history of April Fools Day click here

Do you have a great April Fools Day story?  Share it.  Leave me a comment!

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