March Madness

March means it’s bracket time for NCAA fans.  Being that my husband is a huge college basketball fan, we went to Ford Field Friday night to see the Sweet 16 Regional Games.  For those of you who are not basketball fans, don’t fear.  I won’t be discussing how terrible the Big 10 is performing.  Instead, I will share what my alter ego, Miss Nosey, was up to.

The first game was Wisconsin vs. Davidson and aside from the sea of red (both teams share this color), Miss Nosey couldn’t help but notice the penchant of students and grown men alike in wearing vertical striped overalls.  With my strong desire to share this experience with you, I approached these two guys for a picture.


Not only does he have these wild striped pants on, he added the cheese head for a bit of flair.  I’m not sure why they were wearing sunglasses; maybe it’s their rock star image.

While Basketball Sensei was enjoying the game, Miss Nosey couldn’t help but to people watch.  In so doing, this group of gentleman were walking up the stairs and after making eye contact, one handed me two tickets.  Hua?  It seems that after just one half, these men were leaving and offered us their seats down by the court.  WooHoo!  Off we went.  Actually I was pretty relieved considering in our original seats,there was a wild female Davidson fan sitting next to me who screamed really loud when her teamed scored.  My ears were really hurting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the other colorful characters that I saw.  One was a man wearing a red fedora, suit and red shoes and the other included two young children.  One dressed up in a wig and the other in a cheerleading outfit.  I tried casually to take a picture as they passed us but I only got these shots.

100_0552 kid

That’s it for my March Madness fashion report.  Basketball Sensei is off again tonight to watch another game; this time with one of his buddies.  Does anyone else have any funny fan pics or March Madness stories?


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2 responses to “March Madness

  1. Dont talk to me

    do you live in wisconsin?

    (it’s me codeodd)

  2. No, MI. We left the Kansas game early to go watch the MSU game on tv. What a disaster.

    Did you just see Kansas win? What a nail biter! Hope your brackets are still intact.

    You from Wisconsin?

    Oh, I have to tell you someone at my local library had a T-shirt on that looked like your penguin. Do you sell T-shirts?

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