Banana Republic Joins The Green Movement


Last week I reported that Nordstrom is phasing in their eco-friendly shopping bags, now  Banana Republic is weighing in.  In a recent press release, Banana Republic announced that on April 8th,they will roll out a new 50 piece collection of men’s and women’s lines and will also adopt a new label and packaging system to compliment their “eco-conscious” fabrics.

The new fabrics consist of bamboo, organic cotton and linen amongst other renewable or sustainable materials.

Simon Kneen, EVP Design & Creative Director for Banana Republic is quoted as saying:

“Designing this product has been an inspiring process.  Many of us are now looking to our everyday practice for ways to demonstrate our ongoing commitment where we can, not just for this collection, but future seasons as well”

It’s not coincidence that this new line and lines from other retailers such as Guess and Keds are announcing their “Green” ambitions.  April 22nd is Earth Day.  Keen marketing, wouldn’t you say?

Whatever the reason, I applaud their efforts and am looking forward to future collections from this an other companies.

To see pictures from their Green collection click here.

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2 responses to “Banana Republic Joins The Green Movement

  1. whatmenthink

    They are green, but are they sweat free? I worked in the LA Fashion district for a year. And nothing in mainstream fashion is sweat free. I think its more important to treat people with respect. The environment is 2nd on my list after people.

  2. Hi WMT, no word on their workforce in the PR.

    I agree that people deserve a fair wage and a safe working environment.

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