More Flight of The Conchords

While researching an article in Maxim for today, now tomorrow’s post, my eyes were immediately drawn to this photo.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a big fan of the breakout HBO series Flight of the Conchords and their “folk-parody”. 

Jermaine Clement (34) the hunk of burnin’ love to the left and his fellow Kiwi band mate Bret McKenzie (31) met at Victoria University where they later dropped out of school.  Prior to their breakout success, Clement who studied theater and film, was the voice of Outback Steakhouse.  McKenzie a former music and engineering student, won followers as an extra in the Lord of the Rings series.

Now, they have become stars and in the most recent issue of Maxim, the magazine explores the unlikely sex symbols success and the pressures that ensue with fame. 

I doubt whether this issue weighs on the guys minds presently, considering they are slated for a second season of their HBO hit series and will be releasing a new CD on May 12 (according to  Their first full length album is set to include 14 songs including the two songs I featured in my last post; ‘Business Time’ and ‘Hiphoppotamus vs Rhymenoceros’.

Check out this behind the scenes video from their Maxim photo shoot and their silly “mustachioed guitar faces”.


 flight_conchords_article1 flight_conchords_article2

Click here to read the entertaining article in its entirety.


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4 responses to “More Flight of The Conchords

  1. Eri-Japan

    Whoa! How sexy guys they are:D
    I watched the Maximvideo many times:D heehee!!

  2. Business Time is my favorite song right now! You know its a good song when you’ve heard it more than 10 times and it’s still has you rolling on the ground every time it’s played.


  3. Oh how I love this show!! I absolutely cannot wait until it’s back on the air. Great article by Maxim, too.

  4. Hooray! Some FOTC fans! 😀 I am such a big fan of this show and haven’t had anyone else to talk to about the guys.

    I laughed so hard when I saw the episode with “Business Time” I was crying.

    It would be a lot of fun to see one of their live shows. We do not have HBO right now, but I told my husband that we HAVE to sign back up again in the Fall so we can see the new season. Maybe Big Love will be back then too.

    Thanks for leaving comments guys! 🙂

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