Nordstrom "Green" Bags and Boxes

Nordstrom shopping bag

Nordstrom announced that they will be transitioning to environmentally friendly shopping bags and boxes throughout 2008.  The new shopping bags will have durable cotton handles which are recyclable and be rolled out as current supplies diminish starting in April.

In addition to the shopping bags, Nordstrom will also offer fully recyclable gift boxes.  Expect to see the new gift boxes constructed of 100% recycled paper stock including 30% post-consumer waste around October.  The former boxes included silver foil and will be replaced with silver ink making them completely recyclable.

One other piece of news, Nordstrom will offer reusable shopping toes starting with the West Coast stores and continue to roll them out to other stores throughout the year.  The metallic brushed linen totes which will feature a cityscape are illustrated by celebrated artists Ruben Toledo (you may recognize his work from their website, catalogues or advertisements); will zip into a small rectangle case (6 inches x 7 inches x 1 inch) for easy storage, and will be available in Accessories departments for $21.95.

“We know our customers care about the environment and this is an effort to serve them better and reduce our impact,” said Erik Nordstrom, president of stores for Nordstrom. “We will continue to look for ways we can be a better corporate citizen.”

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2 responses to “Nordstrom "Green" Bags and Boxes

  1. I just bought 2 recycled bags from Whole Foods today! I will be sure to get them at Nordstom too! Yay!

  2. anonymous

    Nordstrom treats it’s employees like crap

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