A Fit Revolution

We have all shared this experience, we walk into the dressing room with a pair of pants in hopes that they will fit only to walk out frustrated.  Cricket Lee shared that experience and has made it her mission to change how we shop for clothes.

“In 2002, Ms. Lee decided enough was enough.  The Dallas product designer and marketer poured all her energy into taking on the apparel industry and changing the way it designed and labeled its wares.  Her goal was singularly ambitious.  She wanted to create a universal standard for sizing women’s clothes-based on body types as well as measurements-that could be licensed by any clothing maker and used in any kind of apparel.”

You may wonder how designers determine their sizes.  Some methods include a fit model for that season’s clothing line.  A fit model is a woman who exemplifies  a certain criteria i.e. “ideal”, “plus-size”, “tall”, “petite”, etc. that comes in to be fitted by a designer or team.

Another method is to use the standards first collected 60 years ago based on a physically fit, curvy, 5’8″ white woman in her 20’s.  That about sums us all up right?  Ms. Lee did a little research of her own and concluded that about only 20% of woman fit that criteria.  So that means about 80% of us are blindly trying on clothes praying that this line or store might have a match for our body type.

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I have done several “Fashion Lessons” discussing this very subject.  This conundrum is the reason I named my personal shopping service Apples & Pears.  To offer personal shopping for all shapes and sizes.

Here is Cricket Lee’s Fitlogic sizing for pants.


As you can see, woman’s shapes are broken down into three different categories. One being a straight shape or quite possibly an apple shape, Two for a curvy woman or hourglass and Three for the pear shape.  To discover your fit go to her website.

I am on the Cricket Lee band wagon and offer her my full support in her endeavor.  I am looking forward to using Fitlogic sometime soon.  Let’s hope that the fashion industry finally listens.

To read the full Wall Street Article “Cricket Lee Takes On The Fashion Industry” by Ann Zimmerman and view a demonstration, click here.

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3 responses to “A Fit Revolution

  1. Ooooh, I’m definitely a pear, and I NEVER find NUFIN’ that fits me! lol
    I hope this will help!

  2. Eva Magness

    I am a one and a boomer, I have money to spend, but can’t find any work wear to buy. I go to Norsdstrom’s or Macy;s , Jones Newe York,and say where are your suits, where are your dresses, where can I find pants that fit a one figure, thick thru the middle, but not down the hips and thighs?
    Where can I find the Fitlogic pants, please tell me so I can go shopping. Just becasue we are a little overweight, does not mean we do not want to look, and we do not always want to wear black!

  3. Eva, I am a one as well. Be sure to tak a look at my Fashion Lesson #3
    for more tips on dressing this shape.

    There were some pants available on their website (see the above article for link) I will warn you they were all just black pants.

    I am not sure of your size exactly, but have you checked J.Jill or Chico’s? Both of these stores offer a variety of sizes; but nothing FitLogic. 😦

    Thanks for visiting the site! Be sure to sign up via RSS or e-mail for further updates.

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