Proposal Floats Away


Some woman dream of their wedding starting as a little girl.  It’s no wonder there is a lot of pressure on men to get the engagement just right.  Enter in Lefkos Hajji. (click here for a picture)

So when this London floor-fitter decided to propose to Leanne, his 26 year old sweetheart; he came up with a great idea.  Literally, pop, the question.  He decided to put the $12,000 engagement ring he bought her in a helium filled balloon and then “pop” the balloon.  Well this is when everything started to go wrong.

Apparently, he didn’t follow the number one rule all children must follow when they receive such a balloon; they must first tie the balloon around their wrist before walking outside.  Well wouldn’t you know it, a gust of wind snatched up his balloons when he walked out the door.  Floating away was the $12,000 ring and his hopes of getting married.

He chased the balloon for two hours in his car desperate to catch the balloon, but alas he could not find it.  Poor Lefkos.

When his fiance Leanne found out “…she went absolutely mad.  Now she’s refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring.” 

If you happen to find the ring, please let Lefkos know.


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2 responses to “Proposal Floats Away

  1. agirlgottaeat

    That is sad……A little funny cause seriously he should have tied it down some how………….BUT what a b$%^h that girl is to be mad and not talking to him till he gets her another ring!!

  2. I agree! what a biatch! poor chap went out of his way to do something thoughtful and sweet 😦

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