JFW Tokyo Autumn/Winter 2008

Here’s the latest run from JFW/TYO.

ato by Ato Matsumoto

003_photo01 003_photo04 003_photo09

everlasting sprout by

Keiichi Muramatsu /
Noriko Seki

008_photo03 008_photo02 008_photo08


* installation

009_photo01 009_photo03 009_photo09

corazon del alma by Nobuhide Koi

* installation

006_photo03 006_photo09 006_photo05

HISUI by Hiroko Ito

052_photo03 052_photo08 052_photo09

Raphus cucu by ERIKO ISOYA

036_photo04 036_photo06 036_photo09

YLANG YLANG by Ryunosuke Aoyagi

047_photo01 047_photo08 047_photo07


Here comes cousin It!

001_photo01 001_photo05 001_photo09

suzuki takayuki by Takayuki Suzuki

041_photo02 041_photo03 041_photo06

ELE TRA by Ritsuko Kato

007_photo01 007_photo04 007_photo09

tiny dinosaur by Naomi Yamamoto

044_photo04 044_photo06 044_photo08

Yukiko Hanai

049_photo01 049_photo02 049_photo09


026_photo01 026_photo05 026_photo07


042_photo05 042_photo09 042_photo01

garconshinois by shin

012_photo01 012_photo03 012_photo02

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2 responses to “JFW Tokyo Autumn/Winter 2008

  1. thefunctionkey

    These designs are amazing, I love Raphus cucu by ERIKO ISOYA. The Hair! I’m not very familiar with Japanese fashion designers. I do love ¥ohji Yamamoto though, he’s probably one of my favorite top three designers.

  2. I know, it’s wild. 😀

    In this post, I would say HISUI and everlasting sprout were my favorites. Simply because they were very different than any of the European collections that I have seen. It seemed very indicative of current Japanese style.

    Thanks for the comment!

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