Fashion Lesson #8 Fit

In this weeks lesson I want to address fit.  Most of us know when our clothes fit or not based on whether we can zip our zipper or button our buttons.  What you may not realize are some of the other ways you are sabotaging your appearance.


Do wear your correct size.  When you buy your clothes do not buy them according to the size you want to be, purchase the size your body is now.  So many of us (and I have been guilty of this in the past too) are “dieting” and plan on losing that last 5 pounds and want to make sure that whatever we buy now won’t be too loose later.  Get real.  Wearing clothes that are too tight only make you look heavier.

Do choose clothes that fit the widest angle of your body.  If you have wide hips or thighs, fit this area first.  You can have a good tailor cinch up the rest of the areas later.

Do pay attention to the zipper.  If it does not go up or lay flat, move on to another size or style.  A wavy zipper is poor quality.


Don’t wear a blouse that you cannot cross your arms in.  When I was heavier I had a very difficult time finding blouses a.) that I could button and b.) that I could cross my arms in.  The area around the chest just did not have enough fabric.  I needed to swallow my pride and buy a bigger size and have the rest taken in.

Don’t wear pants that “whisker out” at the front inseam.  It’s a tell-tale sign that they are too small. This doesn’t just apply to pants, skirts can have the same effect.  If you are wearing a skirt with pleats and the pleats do not stay closed, go up a size.  Open pleats = bad fit.

No VPL’s!  Visible Panty Lines from standard or thong panties are just not sexy.  There are plenty of new styles of under garments as I mentioned in Fashion Lesson #1 like Spanx that give you a smooth silhouette.  If you opt for thong underwear, I better not see it displayed proudly from the top of your pants.  Gross!

Here are some more formal suggestions from “Always In Style” by Doris Pooser. 


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2 responses to “Fashion Lesson #8 Fit

  1. stacy

    great post, lots of good advice. These are things my mother drummed into me as a child, she and my grandmother used to do their own sewing and made many of their own dresses in the past. Now of course, convenience has won the day, and I just make sure that trousers fit nice around the butt and skim the hips, that blouses stay closed over my bustline and that I can fold my arms across my chest easily. Cut is everything.

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