Update On JFW A/W 2008

Hi guys, here is an update on the collections for Autumn/Winter at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.  I don’t have any time to comment on them other than some are very creative and some are just crazy.  Enjoy!

zechia by 

Lica /
Masahiro Nakagawa

051_photo01 051_photo05 051_photo09

motonari ono

033_photo01 033_photo05 033_photo07

mintdesigns by

Hokuto Katsui /
Nao Yagi

031_photo01 031_photo05 031_photo09


Mikio Sakabe /
Shueh Jen-Fang

030_photo02 030_photo04 030_photo06


023_photo04 023_photo05 023_photo08

support surface by Norio Surikabe

040_photo08 040_photo06 040_photo05

Né-net by Kazuaki Takashima

034_photo05 034_photo07 034_photo08

UNDER CASTLE by Shinichiro Shimojo

(FYI this is underware)

045_photo01 045_photo02 045_photo07

matohu by

Hiroyuki Horihata /
Makiko Sekiguchi

r1304014649 r1323373429 r1427642218


Photo Sources: JFW/TYO, REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon (JAPAN)

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6 responses to “Update On JFW A/W 2008

  1. hahaha…some really looks crazy, is it really got ppl buy that kind of design? 😛

  2. Hi Ching, that’s for the comment and visit! 😀

  3. queenscafe

    well, ching, that is exactly what the fashion people in paris thought when they saw the collection of comme des garcons when it first launched its line there, “who will wear that?”.
    (i can’t imagine what we will look like now without the emergence of rei kawakubo and other japanese designers who started the revolution of fashion in the ’80s.)
    that’s why we call them avant-garde because they’re out of the ordinary and ahead of its time… lets just wait and see until what you see in jfw becomes the trend in the future…
    PS i can actually imagine myself wearing those clothes

  4. thefunctionkey

    MIKIO SAKABE in my closet — now!

  5. thefunctionkey, I am very jealous! 😀

    Hi Queens café, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I quite agree that many of the things on the runway may appear strange only to find a variation of it later in the stores.

    I really enjoyed mint designs, MIKIO SAKABE, motonari ono and Né-net; well really I liked something from every collection but I would say these were my favorites.

    Né-net had some other really interesting designs too. I thought the rabbit tie was fun and would add a little character to an outfit.

    I also thought the rabbit hoodie would be interesting to have too. I wouldn’t be able to walk around with it zipped up though. My community would think that I was a suspicious character and was trying to hide something with it zipped. 😉

  6. queenscafe

    yeah… that thing’s kinda funny when you wear it like that on the street

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