Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Alright guys, it’s time for your opinion.  Before she was a judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul had her start as a Laker Girl, then choreographer to Janet Jackson and then a full fledged pop star with hits like “Straight Up” and  (It’s Just)”The Way That You Love Me”.

Now, she has decided to give pop stardom another try.  Below, you will find Paula Abdul’s new video, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”.  I have been hearing rumors that MTV will not play this video because it is so awful and the dance moves are out dated.

After watching the video, it was really hard to take it seriously with Randy rockin’ out.  The words “Yo, dog!” kept running through my mind.  Is this a pathetic cry for attention or a serious musical endeavor?

What’s your opinion? Dance Worthy or Dud?

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2 responses to “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. fashionistadanie

    She’s trying too hard. The song is awful. She’s still a great dancer though.

  2. tinzzle

    Hmm, wasn’t that aweful imo. It was just.. weird. haha!

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