Not Again…

After a unusual Fall 2008 RTW collection in NY, Marc Jacobs has done it again in Paris.  He claims that “We just worked with shapes.  Darts, folds, and pleats.  I don’t like to use these words because they sound pretentious, but if you like, last season was painterly, and this season’s sculptural.”

While he may have had sculptural in mind, he simply made waif-like models look fat.  Is that even possible?!  Take a look at some examples.

00160m 00090m 00240m 00310m 00480m 00080m

There is nothing structurally appealing about making a woman’s thighs disproportionate to the rest of her figure.  As I have mentioned in my Fashion Lessons, proportion is key to figure flattery.

Maybe I am taking his collection too seriously, maybe when and if these pieces hit department stores, they will be scaled down and paired with body hugging tops. 

Nope, I don’t even that could redeem the above examples.  Take a look at this ensemble.  Even with the tighter top, she still looks heavy and I bet she is only 100 pounds.  I will say that I like the jewelry and the color combination.  This is something that we could incorporate into our own Fall collection.



To Marc Jacobs credit, there were a few interesting pieces.

00050m mj blk MJ dress

That’s the best I can do.  I like the collar on the blouse in the first picture, and I really like the boots with out the Frankenstein-high platform.  The other two I think could work on a real woman’s figure, especially an hourglass shape.

I’m very interested to see what really hits the stores this Fall.  I’m sure it will be a bit different than what he showed on the runway.

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5 responses to “Not Again…

  1. Miss Norty

    I don’t like ANY of these. Perhaps I’m just too fussy.

  2. tinzzle

    I like the black coat in the last set of pics.

  3. No Mis Norty, I don’t think you are too fussy. This wasn’t a very good collection for us regular gals. 😀

    tinzzle, yeah, I liked it too. 🙂 I think there might be a skinny tie hiding under there too. I am into skinny ties right now.

    Thanks for commenting ladies!

  4. fluvial

    Seeing those pants illicits involuntary shouts outs such as ‘Stop! Hammer time!’ and ‘Make me wanna say ‘Oh my lord!”


  5. fashionistadanie

    I was hit by an overall wave of disappointment when I saw the slides from this show. I’m not a fan of baggy or ill-shaped clothing.

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