Gimme A Hug!


Millionaire Matchmaker had a bit of a marathon going this weekend and I had a chance to watch a few shows.  I think I have watched 5 so far.  So here are my observations.

I love how direct Patti is.  She lays it on the line.  There’s no guessing with her and I really like that.  A lot of us are worried about hurting people’s feelings and don’t tell them certain truths that they need to hear. 

That’s not to say that she doesn’t drive her staff crazy.  One of the episodes that I watched, two of the staffers were plotting to start their own matchmaking service after being spurned by their boss.

Patti also seems to have a way of being direct with the guys without being “Bitchy” to them; at least I think so.  I get a kick  out of seeing her greet  the guys; “Gimme a hug!”  For some reason, it cracks me up.

I also appreciate the fact that she does not like her clients to engage in sex until he is in a mutually monogamous relationship.  It gives them time to really get to know one another first.  Click here for a list of her “commandments “.  What do you think?  Do you agree with her rules?

One misconception that I had when I first heard about this show was that the girls were going to be a bunch of gold diggers or whores.  I get the impression that Patti does her best to screen those gals out.  I remember a really crazy woman who came in for a meeting that looked like a stripper and Patti called her out.  The woman was really offended, but Patti was right.  This lady looked like she was ready to wrap herself around a pole or meet up with her John.


Now we have to talk about some of the guys.  What about that crazy roller skating guy and the guy who kept telling his date how pretty she was?  That was really getting creepy.  There is also a guy who only wants to date girls in their early twenty’s and he is about 15-20 years older than them.  Just get a grip man.  Patti was right, they may go out with you once, but they will soon move on.

I thought the promos said that Tuesday will be the season finale, but I didn’t see anything on the website that mentioned it.  Anyhow, it appears from the promos that some fool asks a girl to marry him on the first date.  I’m sure Patti will have some choice words for him.

Now it’s your turn to chime in.  What do you think?  Who was your favorite millionaire?  What do you think of Patti?  How about the girls?

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