Open your mind to a different language

Hi guys, I typically post really light hearted things on this blog; especially on the weekend.  But this weekend I wanted to post something that I found truly inspirational, fantastic and very close to my heart.

I urge all of you who consider yourself to be an open minded person to watch this video of Amanda Baggs from start to finish.  It will be very strange to some of you, but I promise that by the end, you will have something very interesting to think about.

Have you ever felt like you are misunderstood or don’t exactly fit in?  I think we all have.  Now consider Amanda Baggs who communicates via a computer.  She is living with autism, and has a powerful message about who she is and the world she shares with us.

You may gain a better understanding behind her unusual behavior and what an amazing mind she has.

I also urge you to read some of the comments posted on You Tube from people who have watched this video.

Here is an excerpt from Wired magazine in reaction to Amanda.

This movement is being fueled by a small but growing cadre of neuropsychological researchers who are taking a fresh look at the nature of autism itself. The condition, they say, shouldn’t be thought of as a disease to be eradicated. It may be that the autistic brain is not defective but simply different — an example of the variety of human development. These researchers assert that the focus on finding a cure for autism — the disease model — has kept science from asking fundamental questions about how autistic brains function. A cornerstone of this new approach — call it the difference model — is that past research about autistic intelligence is flawed, perhaps catastrophically so, because the instruments used to measure intelligence are bogus. “If Amanda Baggs had walked into my clinic five years ago,” says Massachusetts General Hospital neuroscientist Thomas Zeffiro, one of the leading proponents of the difference model, “I would have said she was a low-functioning autistic with significant cognitive impairment. And I would have been totally wrong.” (wired)

To read more about Amanda click herefor a link to her blog.

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2 responses to “Open your mind to a different language

  1. agirlgottaeat

    It seems we have more in common than just fashion. I saw this interview with Amanda and was awed by her as well. Then tonight I met a friend of a friend whose god daughter has autism. We got into an interesting discussion about how they weren’t “dumb” as many people think but just that their brains work differently. Thanks for posting about this and enlightening us all.

  2. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on this topic. As I mentioned before, this subject has very special meaning to me and the fact that Amanda is able to articulate and help unravel some of the mystery is really quite remarkable. 😀

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