To Tip or Not to tip…


Last night I went in for a pedicure.  Not the best evening to do it considering it was less than 20 degrees F and 3 fresh inches of snow had fallen on the ground earlier that day.  Nonetheless, I trudged in to redeem the free pedicure certificate that I won 3 weeks prior.

When it was time to choose a color, I was delighted to see the new line of O.P.I  India Collection.  Being that bright colors are in this season, I was happy to choose I’m India Mood for Love.  Here is a link to the O.P.I sight were you can see their new collection and try it against your skin tone to see how it looks.

The trip to the salon brought me to this thought, this blog has a fantastic range of readers from all over the world so I wanted to know do you tip and what is the rate of tipping in your country? 

Here in the States it is customary to tip between 15-20%.  If you have the owner of the salon perform the service, it isn’t necessary to tip.

Also, in an upscale salon, it may be assumed that you will tip a shampooer, coat check, coffee fetcher and more. It sort of drives Americans crazy.

How do you give the tip?  Do you just hand it to them or give it to the receptionist to distribute?  Several salons in the U.S. have little manila envelopes that you can discreetly stash your tip with no one being the wiser.

Have you had any disasters at the salon?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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