The “ponytail club”

I posted an on-line survey last week on Motor City Moms and asked mothers style questions similar to my What’s Your Style Post last week. I asked them about their attitudes about fashion, what impact fashion has had on their lives, how they would describe their style and if style and fashion is for the rich.

I will start by saying that all the moms take pride in themselves in one way or another.  One mom said, “I want at all times to look like I smell nice.”  Others listed their favorite stores; Ann Taylor, Anthropologie and Banana Republic.  

 The one answer that seemed to resonate with many of the moms was:

“Does ‘Ponytail Momma’ count as a style? It goes like this: What’s clean, what fits, and what is the weather going to be? That determines my clothing.”

While not all the moms felt this way, I think being a mother can reduce you to this sort of attitude.  Depending on the age of your child, getting dressed up; at least if you are a stay-at-home mother, is not always a priority.  There is too much to do and a baby spitting up on your nice clothes, doesn’t always make a lot of sense, nor is it practical.

That being said, it is imperative that a woman still take some time on the weekends or whenever it may be, to reconnect with that pre-baby woman she once was.  Sure, your body may be different, and some of your body parts may not be where they once were, but that is no excuse to let yourself go.  I know the moms agree with me, but what is preventing them from taking better care of themselves?

Guilt, time and losing weight seem to be the reasons.  One mother initially responded to my survey; “Does children’s fashion count?”  We are so accustom to taking care of others, our inital response is not to think of ourselves.  We can’t feel guilty for our own care.  (In that mom’s defense, she did come back to the thread to talk about herself).

Time.  It’s a mother’s worst enemy.  We never have enough.  Working, chasing kids and trying to take care of all your other duties doesn’t allow much free time.  Nevertheless, I implore you to take some time for yourself.

Some without children may be thinking well why don’t you take them with you?  But those of us who have had to drag our kids around the mall or into a dressing room know they don’t just sit patiently and say “mommy that looks great on you”.  It’s more like this, “mooommmy, I waaant to gooo hooome!” or they are poking their heads under the next person’s dressing room.

Another common excuse I hear is “I want to lose weight before I buy some new clothes”.  Really, how long have you been dieting?  If you are on an active path to losing weight and the weight is coming off, then I agree.  There is no point in investing in a whole new wardrobe.  However, countless women use that as an excuse, waiting for that magical day to happen. Embrace who you are today.  It doesn’t matter your size or shape, if it has been more than a year since you have made any wardrobe purchases, it’s time to get back out there.

 I know it’s not easy.  My message is, take time for yourself because you are important too.  You wouldn’t think of sending your darling out in ill fitting or unkept clothing, so the same should apply to you.

To help you navigate the maze that fashion can be, check out my first five fashion lessons, Undergarments, Pears Shape, Apple Shape, Petite and Hourglass for some tips.

Below you can find a small collection of suggestions to add a little punch to your wardrobe.  For shopping information, click on the image.

I’m very interested to hear your opinion ladies so don’t hold back.  Those of you visiting my site for the first time, may leave a comment by clicking on the word comment in the bottom right corner of this post.  You can also make up a name if you want to be anonymous. 

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2 responses to “The “ponytail club”

  1. Hi Tanya
    Great information, and I agree. It really hit home about how we take so much pride in our child’s appearance, but don’t do the same for ourselves. Thanks for all the great info!

  2. sassy

    love that layout!!!!!!!

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