Fashion Lesson #5 Hourglass Shape

It’s Friday so that means Fashion Lesson #5 Hourglass Shape.  Well you are the sort of woman that the rest of us hate.  Not only do you have the bust, but the bum to back it up!


Do cinch in that waist! You want to emphasize your narrow waistline with a belt or a horizontal pattern/line at the waist. Even if you are wearing a suit jacket, don’t hesitate to wear a skinny belt to enhance your waist.

Do wear pants that fit from the widest point of your hip and drape down. Flared or a wider leg would flatter you. Skinny jeans just make your ankles look thin and your hip wide.

Do wear lower cut or V neck tops to direct attention to you face and not your bust.  That is unless you like it when people talk to your breasts. smile_regular

Do wear straight cut skirts to enhance your lovely curves. If you’re a little curvier, an A-line skirt would help balance you out.

Do wear a very supportive bra to keep the girls proud.  Sagging bust lines make you look heavier and your waist larger.  See Fashion Lesson #1 for more details.


Universal Tip:  Be sure to buy the best trench coat you can afford for Spring.  A neutral color trench never goes out of style and adds sophistication to your personal collection.



Don’t wear large ruffles, bows or pockets on your bust.  It will only draw more attention away from your face.

Don’t wear box shaped suit jackets.  The goal is to show off your curves.

Don’t buy jeans with flap pockets.  You are already fortunate to have enough junk in your trunk.  Stick to the flat pocket.

Don’t forget when choosing accessories, the larger your stature, the larger the accessory you can handle. 


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10 responses to “Fashion Lesson #5 Hourglass Shape

  1. As a man, I can say that is one of our favourite shapes 🙂

  2. Hi John, what a pleasure to have you visit! Thanks for weighing in. 😀

  3. indianrosefashionista

    Thank you for this post Fashion Sensei 🙂

  4. agirlgottaeat

    It seems we have the same taste Sensei 😉 We both loved that dip dyed trench. I posted that and some others on my blog.

  5. tara

    im in between an hour glass and pear what would we some tips you have for me to wear

  6. Jennie

    Hi Fashion Sensei,
    I am 23, and I want to improve my style. I know that I have a hour glass figure, but I am always wary about what to wear b/c I don’t want to make a fashion ‘boo-boo’. This helps a lot.

  7. Hi Jennie, thanks for the visit! I’m so happy to help!! I hope to see you back again. 😉

  8. J

    Thanks for the info.

    I didn’t realize until recently that I was an hourglass; unlike a lot of people in this group, when I gain weight, to me, it goes in the middle (because that’s all I saw, but my mom exclaimed that I had huge thighs too; I apparently missed that), so I always thought I was an apple, but after careful measurements, I realized I was just a fat hourglass, and that people really didn’t see me losing or gaining weight even if I told them so.

    I’ll definitely be dressing for my shape rather than the apple from now on. 🙂

  9. Hope

    believe it or not, i only realised last week i had an hourglass shape…. i had been teased as a kid and teen that i looked like a boy, eve though my breasts were C38…. i believed the teasings because i never had a body length mirror to see myself in. Well, i went to a thrift store because i wanted to get a nice dress for my upcomming first years of dating anniversary (my very first first year) and i wanted to look good for my man, There was a dress that reminded me of Rita Hayworth, and it was 5$. Though there was no mirror to really check myself out, I knew that the dress felt right in all the proper places and with the price i could actually afford it. I bought it and took it home. I was speaking with a friend on msn who wanted to see it, so i took a picture of myself in it (not easy to do) and then noticed that the boy-figure i believed i had was absolutely not the figure i had. when i pointed this out to my mom and my boyfriend they both laughed and insisted they always knew that…. well why the heck didn’t anyone tell me?? lol… so now i have to ditch my boy-dress code and try more flattering things to show off my shape…. any idea how to tone my thighs and hips though?? just to make them look smoother than they are?

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