Ooo-la-la Ombre

Something sure to hit your fashion radar this Spring is Ombre.  Ombre is a French  word which means shading and is used to describe a technique of color-bleeding or drip dying fabric by subtlety fading colors into one another.  This is not to be confused with tie-dye which  is considered to be a less sophisticated variation of dying. 

This Spring you can see variations of ombre from cosmetics to clothes and  everything in between.


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Ombre first hit my radar when I was reading Running With Heels and all of their lovely examples including the red Stuart Weitzman pumps I included in this post.  Keep an eye out for it the next time you are out and about shopping. smile_wink


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3 responses to “Ooo-la-la Ombre

  1. Eri-Japan

    They are very beautiful color variation.
    I like the yellow and brown dress the best:)
    ok,i will keep an eye out when I go shopping.

  2. tinzzle

    cool, i like th scarf. yay for tie dye!

  3. Oh i’m so glad you included that Le Silla shoe! I came across it last week and forgot to add it to the story…so beautiful! and thanks for the mention 😉

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