Hipster Olympics

While blog surfing on WordPress yesterday morning, I ran across this really funny parody from YouTube called the Hipster Olympics. 

I wish I could remember whose blog I saw this on. (If you are reading this dear blog owner, please leave a comment so that I may give you the deserved credit).

It’s very irreverent, so if you are easily offended, be sure to give this post a pass.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

And just incase you are wondering what the Hipsters are up to, catch up with them at the Idiotarad.


Filed under blogging, Fashion, fitness, pop culture, YouTube

3 responses to “Hipster Olympics

  1. I love this!! Fashion is an art AND a science, after all!! It takes mad SKILLS yo.

  2. The hipster olympics were hilarious! spend a day in brooklyn and you’ll be surrounded by ‘contestants’! haha

  3. baliwhat

    Oh my. I love it!

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