Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Monkey Macy's Well I am getting this post in early as I will be very busy tomorrow.  I have two Valentine’s Day parties to attend and a number of Valentine cards to address this evening for the forthcoming events.

So here are some interesting things I found with a Valentine’s theme.  Consider them my cyber gifts to you. 😉





click on images for details


YSL Biarritz Sandal

41096_SVMC_t 92243_SVRD_t




Boo Boo Kisses Bandages


Finally, while I was reviewing the inspiration for this post at Trend Hunter, I was reminded of the Japanese custom of Giri choco, which literally means chocolate obligation.  My friend Air-E informed me of this custom where she lives where all the women in the office are obligated to give chocolate to the men especially their boss.  Is that a load of crap or what?! 

Air-E if you read this, you will have to tell us more about this.  I know you mentioned that you may not participate this year.  Did you change your mind?

Well, I really must go now and start filling out 44 Valentine’s Day cards.  Best wishes to you all!

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One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Miss Norty

    oh I have just blogged a bit about Japanese valentines! Love those plasters!! I am wondering what the free gift is… lipstick?

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