Pop Quiz

It’s time to test your knowledge of last Friday’s post about Apple Shapes.  The following questions are all True or False.  Here we go:


  1. If you are an Apple Shape, you have narrow hips.
  2. The best neck line for this body shape is a crew neck.
  3. In order to add proportion to this shape you should add bulk to the lower half.
  4. When looking for a jacket, you should choose one with pockets on the hips.
  5. If you are Apple Shaped, many woman may be jealous that you have been blessed by the “Boobie Fairy”.




  1. True    Apples typically have a larger bust and abdomen, but the hips are generally narrow.
  2. False   A crew neck has a tendency to make the bust look larger.  Opt instead for a V or U neck.
  3. False   Never add bulk, add volume.  Volume like an A line skirt will add proportion without making you look heavier.
  4. True    Pockets will help add proportion to narrow hips.
  5. True    Be happy! 🙂 

How did you do?

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