Simply Irresistibly Bright

While working out at the gym this morning, Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” video came on.  I was amused to see how the perpetual merry-go-round of fashion found it’s way again to the 1980’s.  Now of course, most of us have already recognized that bright colors and form fitting dresses are coming back again.  

What wasn’t so amusing as you will see, how utterly ridiculous these models are wiggling around and shimming to the beat.  But notice, that these dresses could have easily made their way down the runway last Fall during the Spring 08′ shows.

 Here’s my take on Eighties for 08′.

But don’t choose more than one item with the same color or you really will look like you are trying to relive the 80’s.I also found some updated versions at Nordstrom and Piperlime of the old “Termite” shoe that I coveted as a girl. Here’s a look, some of them are crazy. 🙂


Vince Camuto ‘O’Shea’ Pump

Franco SartoFashion


Giuseppe ZanottiE80173
Regular Price $750.00



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7 responses to “Simply Irresistibly Bright

  1. indianrosefashionista

    That last pair of shoes……… would you walk in them? i think i’d fall over in them lol

  2. tinzzle

    those heels are sooo high. I’d look like a giant if I wear those. lol

  3. Air-E

    Wow!Sexy Video!:D
    I like the green shoe.

  4. Hi Tanya ~ I do remember the “termite shoes”, but haven’t run across a picture of them. I’ll keep an eye out though. I have a desk calendar which has a pair from the mid-90’s, but nothing from the 80’s. Good Luck!

  5. Ha – that is hilarious about the video and 80’s fashion. It’s going to be interesting to see how long the neon colors and geometric shapes hang around. I honestly wasn’t a fan of the cutout shoes at first, but some are growing on my like the Michael Kors styles. They’re funky but sophisticated.

  6. I know those last pair of shoes are crazy! I think I would scare small children if I walked around, I should say IF I could walk around in those shoes. And did you see how much they were?!

  7. LT

    I kind of love the make-up the women are wearing in the video. It makes them look hard as nails and really unapproachable. Sort of intriguing. Make-up has been so natural and muted and “girl-next-door” that I am enjoying the “don’t even think about it” vibe the video girls have.

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