Kenneth Cole- We All Walk In Different Shoes

In a truly inspiring ad campaign celebrating Kenneth Cole’s 25th Anniversary, the company is using non-stereotypical models for his Spring 2008 collection.  Below you will find the press release from PR Newswire:

25 Years of Non-Uniform Thinking

New York, Feb. 5/PRNewswire– 

The campaign is comprised of a series of 11 emotionally arresting photographs that celebrate diversity. Each photograph features the tagline, “We All Walk In Different Shoes.” The focus is real people who live their lives in a non-uniform way — either by their own choice or through circumstance. By integrating these compelling people of substance into Kenneth Cole’s fashion campaign the hope is to dispel all forms of social prejudices while also exemplifying diversity. The campaign, shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson who notably captures the raw essence of his subjects, shows people who have a point of difference and who live their lives in an unconventional way.
“This campaign represents the re-launch of the Kenneth Cole New York brand, and a celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary. We’re putting the focus on others like Kenneth who have lived their lives outside the norm, to show how important it is to give those that are different a voice,” said Kyle Andrew, Senior Vice President, Marketing. “We’re also showcasing our new product more than we have in the past, highlighting our new men’s apparel as well as our women’s shoes, bags and accessories. We are very excited about this new step forward for the brand.”

A strong advocate for community building and social change for the past 25 years, Kenneth Cole has turned his company, Kenneth Cole Productions, into a powerful public awareness vehicle for such issues as AIDS, homelessness, gun safety and women’s rights among other causes. The spring 2008 campaign illuminates the Company’s historical use of its advertising to communicate relevant, social messages on the aforementioned causes.

The print campaign will run in March issues of national magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Lucky, GQ and Men’s Health. The campaign will also be featured on and in New York City on the Houston Street Mural and the West Side Highway billboard.

The following people have been chosen to participate in this campaign:

  Aimee Mullinsa Paralympic athlete, actor and President of the Women’s Sports Foundation.

 Theo Kogan a singer, actor, entrepreneur and feminist.

Sonny Caberwal a practicing Sikh and entrepreneur speaking out against racial profiling.
Dror Shaul and Hany Abu-Assad  Israeli and Palestinian film directors, collaborators and friends.

Delmon Dunston (DEL 10)  Quad rugby player and support counselor for others facing life as a quadriplegic.
Channing Moss  U.S. Army soldier injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan.
Gay Married Couple Joanna and Nicoletta Tessler with their daughter, Ruthie.
Regan Hofmann  HIV Positive Editor-in-Chief of Poz Magazine.
Sonia an undocumented immigrant and mother.

I apologize for not posting the pictures associated with this press release, but at this time I do not have access to them.  I will post them as soon as they become available. 

I have however, found a link to Sonny Caberwal’s powerful ad.  If this is what we can expect from the forthcoming ads, I think we are in for a real treat.

Sources: PRNewswire, YouTube


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  1. What a great story. Love the new blog.

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