Global Warming Meets the Runways


It’s not just the polarbears that are feeling the heat with Global Warming, Designers are affected too.

In a recent article by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan in the Wall Street Journal,  she explores how recent warm temperatures that can last until October are effecting what sort of pieces will hit the Fall runways. 

With Fall looks arriving to department stores in July, not too many of us are looking for cozy wool sweaters and pants.  In response, designers are offering layered looks of thinner materials like tissue-weight wools, with the intention of adding layers for a cool day and less for unpredictable shifts in temperatures.

This reaction is being dubbed, “Seasonless Dressing”.  You will still see a change in color pallet to coincided with the season, but more and more expect a shift to clothes that may just work for three seasons. 

“Some retailers think the new looks will have commercial appeal.  Michael Fink, vice president and women’s fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue, got an early look at several fall collections before New York’s fashion week began and praised what he saw.” [Wall Street Journal, Saturday Feb. 2]

I will be uploading some videos of the shows this week, so keep a sharp eye out for the new trend.  The first show Lacoste, though, must not have gotten the memo because there is a lot of heavy jackets etc. 😀

As a side note, I included the beautiful sketches by Malo, Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore, Peter Som and Carmen Marc Valvo that were included in the article.


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3 responses to “Global Warming Meets the Runways

  1. fluvial

    This is a good point and something I hadn’t thought about. What I’m excited to see are clothes that are eco-concious without making people look like they’re hippies. I’m all for organic cotton and non-petroleum based synthetics but I spent four years of my life studying global warming in college (enviro studies major) but when I shop…I don’t really want to wear hemp t shirts. 🙂

  2. tinzzle

    Thinner is better! Now I can layer clothes without feeling too heavy and hot.

  3. dbaron

    What a fun blog you have. Fun times and informative.

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